Leicester announce fomation of B-team

On March 22nd Roller Derby Leicester will debut their newly formed B-team in a match-up against the Wolverhampton Honour Rollers. Poignantly the Wolves, who will host the game, were RDL’s first ever opponents when they met in January 2014 in a 376-70 victory for the Jackals.

The formation of a B-team pays testament to the huge expansion in numbers enjoyed by Roller Derby Leicester recently. With the league having only opened its doors to new members on March 26th 2014, having a B-team competing less than a year on is seen as another large stride forward. This achievement is yet more remarkable given that the league’s growth was initially hampered by an undersized training venue and little in the way of kit. This situation was rectified, however, thanks largely to two grants received from Leicester City Council, each of £500.

To the league’s growing number of ever-improving skaters, the creation of a B-team offers the prospect of more on-track action and a chance to prove themselves worthy of further honours. Greater depth will be provided for the A-team whilst giving budding Jackals the opportunity to compete alongside some of the league’s more established skaters.

It’s no wonder RDL’s skaters are already showing their excitement:-

‘Having a B-team is something we have been working towards since day 1, so it feels great to have achieved that goal. This will help develop our newer skaters and give experience all round the league. Exciting isn’t the word! B!’
Kree-louise Arnold
‘I cannot wait to see all the hard work, and the RDL style, ethos and determination come to fruition in the B-team. Skaters and coaches are ready for the challenge. Bring it on!’
Moji “Super Eagle” Green
As well as benefiting individuals within the league, this development is yet another progression in RDL’s plans for long-term sustainability. The growth in membership coupled with expanding playing opportunities are already helping to secure the league’s future.

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