Chicago Outfit Douses Burning River, 171-53


CHICAGO, IL – The Chicago Outfit Syndicate (#9 North Central) hosted the Burning River Roller Girls All-Stars (#15 North Central) of Cleveland, OH, Saturday night at the Windy City Fieldhouse. The Outfit family went home happy as The Syndicate’s strong defense solidified in the second half to deliver a 171– 53 victory for the 500+ who packed The Fieldhouse.

The bout was a tale of two halves as the first half featured two leads changes in what was a very fast, very athletic, defensive battle whereas the second half saw The Outfit’s stifling pack play shut down the Burning River jammers.

As is customary, The Outfit got out to a fast start leading 13-0 after the first two jams thanks to jammers Queefer Sutherland (5 points) and Sweet Mary Pain (8 points). The Killustrator would put Burning River on the board with her own 8 point jam taking the score to 13-8.

Queefer and Sweet Mary would add to The Outfit lead so that after the 5th jam of the first half, the score stood at 20-8 in favor of the hometown Syndicate. Then the defense kicked in.

Pack play would dominate the next seven jams as both teams would produce a total of only five points. Five of those seven jams would be zero to zero jams. The Burning River defense was highlighted by strong performances from Ivanna Destroya, Professor Booty, Hidden Ajennda, Morbid Cherub, Veruca Salty and Halochic. Delivering the hits for the Syndicate were Bloody Elle, Gaygan, Suzie Crotchrot, Lady K, Maul E. Hatchet, Helsa Wayton, Margles McNasty, Hero Shima and their hardest hitter Smashley “The Spaniard” Destructo.

With approximately 14 minutes remaining in the first half, the score stood at 23-10 in favor of The Outfit – then Burning River made their move. Taking advantage of a power jam where Eva Lucien put up 11 points, the BRRG All-Stars went on a 19-4 run that led to the first lead change of the bout at 29-27. Burning River were able to hold and extend their lead to 33-28 until, with 3 minutes remained in the first half, Queefer Sutherland put up a 9-0 jam that allowed The Syndicate to grab the lead back at 37-33.

Perhaps the most impressive jam of the first half was the final one when Lola Blow put up 14 points with two of her blockers in the penalty box for the majority of the jam. Lola’s performance sent The Outfit into intermission with a 51-33 lead.

The second half was all Outfit. It began with Sweet Mary Pain putting up the largest jam of the contest when her 20 – 0 jam pushed The Syndicate lead to 71-33. Burning River would only score 20 points during the second half – and only 3 in the final 17 minutes of the bout. At one point BRRG was held scoreless for five straight jams when The Outfit put the contest away extending from a 98-52 lead out to 153-52.

The Outfit trio of jammers put up remarkably similar point totals as Sweet Mary Pain and Lola Blow both scored 55 points and Queefer Sutherland added 40. Valerie of the Dolls contributed 17 points during her two occasions wearing the star. Burning River was paced by Eva Lucien’s 29 points and The Killustrator who added 17. The good news for Burning River (besides the strong first half) might have been that three skaters (Lulu, Cherry Venom and Bad Mooney Rising) made their All-Star debut for the team fom Cleveland. The Syndicate got an assist from Lindiana Jones who subbed in for the injured Joan Ranger.

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