Chicago Invitational: Gotham Overwhelms Windy City 214-94 for $1,000


VILLA PARK, IL — In the banked-track Kitten Traxx Chicago Invitational third-place bout between Windy City and Gotham, Windy City stayed within shouting distance of Gotham for the first three quarters, but ran out of gas – and players – in the final quarter. Gotham went on a 77-12 tear in the last 15 minutes to solidly leave Windy in the dust at 214-94, and the New Yorkers took the $1,000 third-place purse with the win.

The game opened in an encouraging manner for the hometown fans as Windy City led for the first four jams of the game, but their 10-9 advantage after the first five minutes turned to a 19-10 deficit when Bonnie Thunders ran a powerjam to 10-0. Windy City spent most of the remainder of the quarter hovering about 20 points behind, though another 10-0 powerjam to Bonnie Thunders closed the quarter action at Gotham 49, Windy City 23.

Windy City’s Wreck N Shrew opened the second quarter with a 4-0 that made it 49-27 Gotham, but the next four jams gave Gotham a big cushion — 4-0 to Suzy Hotrod, 4-0 to Bonnie Thunders, 2-0 to Wild Cherri and then a 15-0 powerjam to Suzy Hotrod made it 74-27 with 9 left in the half. Windy City got their scoring started again after that one, but the damage had been done and Gotham won the quarter 68-21 to hold a 117-44 lead at the halftime break.

WCR did put up a very solid showing in the third quarter, using some big defensive hits from Sargentina and a crowd-pleasing 13-0 powerjam to Wreck N Shrew to hold Gotham to just 20 points while putting up 38 of their own. That put the score at 137-82 Gotham at the end of the third, not outside the realm of possibility considering Gotham’s comeback from a very similar score of 130-84 against Rocky Mountain on the previous night.

However, the Windy rally wouldn’t continue in the fourth quarter; WCR had already lost Beth Amphetamine and Bork Bork Bork to foulouts during the third, and the penalty bill came due in a big way in the last six minutes of the bout, as Yvette Yourmaker, Wreck N Shrew, Ol’ Dirty Go-Go, Sargentina, Varla Vendetta and Jackie Daniels all fouled out within 5 jams of each other. Gotham had already extended their lead to 177-94 before the avalanche started, and Windy City didn’t score again once it did; Gotham tacked on 37 more, including a game-ending 15-0 to B.Zerk, to win 214-94.

Gotham scoring was led by Bonnie Thunders with 99 and Wild Cherri with 57; Suzy Hotrod put up 40. Windy City’s Wreck N Shrew was her team’s top jammer with 38; Varla Vendetta had 27 and Beth Amphetamine added 11.

Stats courtesy @Danielson_Stats.

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