Charm City Roller Girls Summer Smackdown


Final scores for the June 11th bout:
Junkyard Dolls 57, Mobtown Mods 55
Speed Regime 96, Night Terrors 55

The Dolls and the Mods were tied at the end of both the first and second periods, so for the first time in CCRG history, a bout went into overtime. I’ve never felt such anticipation and the crowd was apeshit. Another first, the Mods, low on players due to injuries, borrowed Honey St. Clair and Jersey Diabla from Philly’s Hostile City Honeys. It was educational, to say the least, watching how girls from another league go at it. I’m happy to report there was only one major injury this bout, as the Night Terror’s Mexican Fury slammed her head into a wall and was out for the rest of the night. Word is she’s recuperating just fine.

So, for the season thus far the Speed Regime is 3-0 (undefeated! what!) and the other teams all have one win each. On July 23rd fans pick the match-ups at our Blind Rage bout. Check here for information on getting tickets.

Also, more derby action can be satisfied at youtube.
No CCRG videos up…yet.

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