Charm City Roller Girls August 20th Playoff Results!


This is the bout recap from our Head Ref, Justice Feelgood Marshall:

The Charm City Roller Girls’ first ever playoff doubleheader on August 20th featured two rivalries that had been heating up all season long. The Speed Regime was facing the Junkyard Dolls for the third time in five games, and the Night Terrors and Mobtown Mods were in the same boat. The Regime had solidly defeated the fiery Dolls in two wild games, while the Mods had triumphed over the Terrors in two tight games marked by high speeds and high scores. This time, though, there wasn’t just pride on the line – the winners would face each other in the September championship, while the losers would have to settle for the third-place game.

Speed Regime 86, Junkyard Dolls 42

The grueling physical demands of the CCRG season had started taking their toll by the playoffs. Both the Junkyard Dolls and the Speed Regime had been plagued by injuries. and many skaters in this contest were playing through pain. The Dolls were skating without Annabell Lechter, who suffered a fractured wrist in the previous bout, and the Regime was missing one of its hardest hitters, with the feared Berzerker out of the country, busily spreading mayhem and destruction in her native Australia. However, none of this stopped the undefeated Speed Regime from jumping out of the gate on fire. They opened up with Psycho78 winning a 9 to 4 jam over the Junkyard Dolls’ jammer Sizzle-Leen, and after a truncated second jam in which Betty Beatdown had a spectacular skate malfunction, the Speed Regime’s Pistol Whip blew the game open with a 12 to 0 jam over Black Diamond, making the score 23 to 4. The Junkyard Dolls’ Shevil Knievel took the next jam 4 to 3 over Psycho78, but that was the only time in the half that the Dolls were able to outscore the Regime.

At intermission, the Dolls found themselves looking up from a 52 to 21 hole, and although they stepped up their game in the second half, there would be no coming back against the toughest defense in the league. It wasn’t until jam 17 that the Dolls were again able to outscore the Regime. When time expired after 22 jams, the Speed Regime had waltzed into the championship game in the biggest rout of the season, continuing their reign of terror by dispatching the Dolls by 44 points, 86 to 42. Team scoring leaders in the game were Speed Regime’s Betty Beatdown with 29 points in 6 jams, and the Junkyard Dolls’ Sizzle-Leen, who collected 21 points on 6 jams.

Night Terrors 71, Mobtown Mods 60

On paper, the Mobtown Mods were slight favorites over the Night Terrors in the night’s second matchup, having defeated the Terrors in both of their clashes earlier in the season. Fortunately for the Night Terrors (and the fans), derby isn’t played on paper. The Terrors brought their best defensive performance of the season when it mattered the most, and with the help of the return of their star jammer Human Soup, they’d opened up a 27 to 13 lead by jam 7. However, the Mods came storming back at the close of the first half, shutting out the the Night Terrors on the last four jams of the half while Dissin’Kari put up 13 unanswered points. At the midpoint, the score stood at Night Terrors 27, Mobtown Mods 26, and the Mods unquestionably had all the momentum. But Terrors jammer Joy Collision and her defense put an end to that on the second half’s opening jam, giving themselves a much-needed jolt with a big 12 to 3 jam over Lady Quebeaum that brought the score to Terrors 39, Mods 29.

With some breathing room, the Terrors helped themselves immensely by securing lead jammer status on 8 of the second half’s 11 jams, keeping the Mods from putting up the lopsided scores they needed to come back. On jam 18, Joy Collision again ignited the raucous Terrors fans with a crucial 9 to 0 jam over Dissin’Kari that made the score Night Terrors 68, Mobtown Mods 50 with about six minutes to play. The Mods refused to quit, though, narrowing the lead to 11 points going into the last jam of the night – potentially within the reach of the league’s highest-scoring jammer, the Mods’ Lady Quebeaum. In a pitched battle for lead jammer status, it was the Night Terrors’ jammer, the Mexican Fury, who made it through the pack cleanly, called off the jam, and kicked off a delirious celebration for the scrappy Terrors, who scored a trip to September’s championship game by finally managing to make it past their nemeses, 71 to 60. Team scoring leaders were Joy Collision for the Night Terrors, who scored 36 points on 8 jams in her best showing of the season, and Dissin’Kari for the Mobtown Mods, who put up 35 points on 10 jams.

On September 17th, the curtain will drop on the inaugural season of the Charm City Roller Girls! In the championship game, the Night Terrors will be the last thing standing between the Speed Regime and an undefeated season, and the third-place game will feature the Junkyard Dolls and Mobtown Mods throwing down in a rematch of the most thrilling bout of the season, a 2-point overtime victory for the Dolls. To see how it all ends, keep checking for ticket information and directions to our new venue!

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