Charm City Puts Down London, 218-126


LONDON, UK — Just like in their tournament opener against Montreal, hosting London (unofficially #22 in the world via DNN, officially unranked in the WFTDA East region) had serious problems in the first half against Charm City (#9 DNN, #3 East WFTDA) and was in a big hole at the half (80 points) in the but played a more fiery and focused second half to lose the last 30 minutes by a very respectable margin (12 points). Still, it all added up to a solid 218-126 win for Charm City.

Read DNN’s archived boutcast.

About ten minutes deep into the game, Charm was up by a decent but not overpowering 49-21 and London had already improved on their point total from their first half against Montreal. However, London had major problems with jammer penalties through the middle of the half and their offense went ice cold while Charm put up some big jams. They used first-year jammers O’Chit and Crowella De Vil regularly, and both put up multiple double-digit jams during a 15 minute sequence that saw Charm outscore London 71-4.

With 5:25 in the half, Charm had almost opened up a triple digit lead at 120-25, but London finally had the penalty situation turn to their advantage for a strong end to the half. Vagablonde put together a huge 24-0 powerjam; after coming out of the penalty box, Crowella De Vil passed the start to Holly Go Hardly, who went to the box herself and extended the powerjam for London. Kamikaze Kitten added 4-0 to make it 120-54 with about 90 seconds left in the half. Charm blunted a little bit of that momentum with a quick 2-0 to O’Chit and a half-ending 14-0 to CC Bang Bang that left the halftime score at 134-54.

The first jam of the second half was another big powerjam to Charm City as CC Bang Bang ran rampant for a 23-0 jam that got Charm City’s lead over 100 points for the first time in the game at 157-54. For the remaining 28 minutes of the game, London actually outscored Charm City, although the score margin stayed over or just below triple digits until the very end of the game.

London jammers Kamikaze Kitten, Vagablonde and Fox Sake consistently pleased the home crowd by landing multiple apex jumps; for their part, Charm City extended their jammer rotation a little bit by putting usual blocker Holly Go Hardly in for a few and even giving Dolly Rocket the star for a very rare jam.

Charm’s lead peaked at 204-94 with just over six minutes to play, but London’s Fox Sake had nearly a full two minutes to rack up a 13-0 jam when Holly Go Hardly fouled out while jamming. Going into the final jam, Charm still had a triple digit lead at 218-111, but London went out on a high note when the London pack locked down Charm’s jammer I.M. Pain for three laps while Vagablonde put up 15 unanswered points to end the game 218-126.

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