Charm City 95, Grand Raggidy 75


Charm City 95, Grand Raggidy 75

In the second bout of Philly’s East Coast Extravaganza invitational, the Charm City Roller Girls’ Mobtown Maulers added another first to their increasingly impressive rookie season, defeating the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls 95-75 to become the first Division III league to defeat a Division II league in a WFTDA-sanctioned bout. The Maulers came into the game with a considerable hurdle to overcome, with both their second and third highest-scoring jammers not on the roster. Betty Beatdown was unavailable to come to the bout, and Lady Quebeaum had suffered a season-ending broken leg just six days previous at practice. In their place were Maulers alternates Sizzle-Leen and Roxy Toxic — it was Sizzle’s third game as a Mauler, and Roxy’s second.

From the beginning of the bout, it was obvious to the Maulers fans that it was going to be the most even matchup the Maulers had yet played. Charm City’s Buzz Kill staked the Maulers to a quick 5-0 lead over Make Ya Dizzy Lizzy, but Grand Raggidy’s Dot Matrix answered immediately with a 4-0 over Pistol Whip. For the remainder of the period, it was a defensive low-scoring battle, with neither team able to get in more than one scoring pass per jam until the two-minute Jam 9, when Jackie Daniels gave Grand Raggidy their first lead of the game with a 9-5 jam over Pistol Whip that made the score Grand Raggidy 24, Mobtown Maulers 21. Grand Raggidy threatened to start running away with it on the following jam, when Joy Collision was sent to the penalty pool and Make Ya Dizzy Lizzy took the opportunity to score an unanswered 7 points, extending the Grand Raggidy lead to 31-21 with about four minutes left in the period. However, the Maulers stepped up to the challenge on the period’s final two jams, with Buzz Kill putting up a 5-0 over Dot Matrix and Joy Collision ending it on a 7-0 over Keisha Meiash. When the period ended, the Maulers had just barely taken the lead back at 33-31.

The Maulers wouldn’t relinquish that lead for the rest of the bout, but it wasn’t for lack of a furious battle from Grand Raggidy. Much like the first period, the second was marked by low-scoring jams in which both jammers had a difficult time breaking 4 points. Lead jammer status was pivotal in this period, with both teams strategically deploying the jam-calling privilege to eke out 2 or 3 point wins, and with the Maulers getting lead jammer 7 times to Grand Raggidy’s 4, the point spread reflected it. On the 7th jam of the second period, Rosie the Rioter capped off an 18-9 Maulers run by scoring a 2-0 jam over Dot Matrix that gave the Maulers their biggest lead of the bout at 60-47. While the Grand Raggidy girls were able to make a few inroads into that lead over the following jams, the point spread remained at thirteen, 71-58, when the period ended on a 3-0 Buzz Kill jam over Dot Matrix.

As the third period began, though, Grand Raggidy put together their best series of jams of the night, opening with a 5-3 jam for Mira Maheiney over Buzz Kill and then going to to shut out the Maulers for the next three jams while putting up 7 more points over their own, pulling to within just four points at 74-70 with about 15 minutes to play. Once again, though, the Maulers were equal to the challenge, with Buzz Kill putting down a 4-0 jam on Dot Matrix, followed by a 3-0 jam for Joy Collision over Jackie Daniels, moving the score to Charm City 81, Grand Raggidy 70. Mira Maheiney grabbed lead jammer status on the following jam and scored a 4-0 over Pistol Whip to make it 81-74 with about 8 minutes to play, but the Maulers defense nearly completely closed the door on the Grand Raggidy girls for the remainder of the bout. There was only one more point for Grand Raggidy — on a 3-1 jam between Rosie the Rioter and Make Ya Dizzy LIzzy — and on the following jam Joy Collision did a bit of door-closing of her own with a 7-0 jam over Jackie Daniels that made the score 95-75 with about three minutes to play. There wouldn’t be another point scored for the remaining time, and Charm City came away with a well-earned victory over a tenacious opponent.

Leading scorers in the bout were Buzz Kill for the Maulers with 40 points on 13 jams, and Mira Maheiney for Grand Raggidy with 29 points on 8 jams. Mira Maheiney had the most average points per jam, with 4.8, while the Maulers’ Joy Collision owned both the lead jammer battle (picking up LJ status on 9 out of 12 for a 75% LJP) and the jammer point differential battle, outscoring her opposing jammers by 20 points. Teamwise, the Maulers picked up lead jammer status on 48 percent of the bout’s 37 jams, while Grand Raggidy claimed it 37 percent of the time. There were only 5 jams with no lead jammer.

The win moved the Maulers to 3-2 in WFTDA play, with previous wins over Long Island and Dominion and previous losses to Philly and Carolina. Grand Raggidy dropped to 0-2 with a previous loss to Detroit, although they’d get their first WFTDA win on the ECE’s second day, defeating the Ohio Rollergirls 167-104.

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