Charm City 141, Harrisburg Area Roller Derby 59


Bout recap written by Justice Feelgood Marshall #1954 – America’s Referee:

Charm City’s Mobtown Maulers snapped a two-game losing streak in
convincing fashion, dispatching the Nuclear Knockouts from Harrisburg
Area Roller Derby 141-59 for their first-ever away win and moving to 2-2
in interleague play. It was only the second interleague bout for the
ladies from Harrisburg, who fell to 0-2, having lost their debut against
Philly’s intraleague team Hostile City Honeys by a score of 192-73 back
in December 2006. Both the Knockouts and the Maulers were playing at
less than full strength. The Knockouts were able to field only 12
players after losing key jammer Mother Trucker to a recent clavicle
injury, while the Maulers were without Mercy Less, star blocker
Berzerker and team captain and co-captain Pistol Whip and Buzz Kill.

The Maulers wasted little time in establishing a big early lead, riding
their smothering defense and the jamming trio of Joy Collision, Betty
Beatdown and Lady Quebeaum to a 23-2 advantage in the first three jams.
The Knockouts seemed to start pulling it together after that initial
assault, though, with the next four jams low-scoring affairs that mostly
accrued to the Knockouts’ advantage. By the beginning of Jam 8, the
Knockouts had mostly kept the Maulers off the scoreboard and the score
stood at 26-7, but the nascent comeback faltered when the Maulers’ Joy
Collision put up a 9-0 jam over Jane Wrastle and Betty Beatdown followed
that up two jams later with the most lopsided jam of the night, a 13-0
blast on Nash Villain. The Knockouts were only able to put up 3 more
points in the period — in fact, they were only able to score at all on
4 of the period’s 12 jams — and it ended with the Maulers enjoying a
solid 51-10 advantage.

The second period went better for the home team, as both teams had a
much tougher time attaining lead jammer status and the Knockouts were
only shut out twice in the period — unfortunately for the Knockouts,
the Maulers were still almost always a few points ahead. A wild Jam 14
between Lady Quebeaum and Rainbow’s Revenge electrified the crowd as
Rainbow nearly matched the Knockouts’ first-period point total by
putting up 7 points, but it didn’t close the gap at all as Quebeaum
scored 8 points for the Maulers. It was the Knockouts’ Nash Villain that
ended up being the most effective jammer for her team in that period, as
she was responsible for the only two jams the Harrisburg girls won — a
2-1 jam over Betty Beatdown and a 4-3 jam over Shevil Knievel. At the
end of the second, the Maulers had increased their lead to 98-37,
although the Knockouts had clearly made some effective adjustments to
their gameplan, only losing the period by 20 points after the 41-point
shellacking of the first period.

The final period turned out to be remarkably similar to the first. Once
again, Joy Collision, Betty Beatdown and Lady Quebeaum combined for an
withering opening salvo to open the period — this time, the Maulers put
up 22 points to the Knockouts’ 6 over the first four jams, moving the
score to 120 to 43. Once again, the Knockouts dug in and began to fight
back, keeping the Maulers from putting up any big scores over the next
five jams while getting some wins of their own. The mini-comeback
climaxed when Harrisburg’s Jane Wrastle beat Shevil Knievel 8-0 for the
Knockouts’ biggest jam of the night, narrowing the score to 123 to 59.
Those proved to be the last points the Knockouts would score, though, as
the Maulers’ terrible trio turned it up for the last three jams of the
night — Betty Beatdown dropped an 8-0 jam on Nash Villain, Lady
Quebeaum went over Eve Ternal Jamnation 6-0, and Joy Collision turned
out the lights with a 4-0 jam over Jane Wrastle. When the 60 minutes
were up, the Maulers had won the third period 43-22, and won the game by
a final score of 141-59.

Leading scorers in the game were Betty Beatdown for the Maulers with 49
points on 11 jams, while Rainbow’s Revenge barely led the Knockouts with
16 points on 8 jams (both Eve Ternal Jamnation and Nash Villain were
responsible for 15 points each.) Betty Beatdown also snagged lead jammer
status on 7 of her 11 jams, leading all jammers with a 63% LJ percentage
– for the Knockouts, Rainbow’s Revenge got LJ status on 2 of her 8 jams
for a 25% LJ percentage. As often is the case, the team that won the
lead jammer battle won the game, and this time it was by a significant
margin – the Maulers got lead jammer 17 times for a 55 percent team LJ
percentage while the Knockouts only got it 5 times for 14 percent.
Finally, Joy Collision was the Maulers’ most effective jammer, putting
up a jammer point differential of +38, while Vixxen Vindiction led the
Knockouts with -2.

Next up for Charm City is a WFTDA battle against WFTDA newcomers Long
Island Roller Rebels on March 4 — it’ll be the Maulers’ first home game
since a Jan. 7 loss to Carolina, and both teams will be looking to get
their first WFTDA-sanctioned win. The Knockouts’ next challenge will be
a home game against the Lehigh Valley Roller Girls on April 22.

Justice Feelgood Marshall #1954 – America’s Referee
Head Ref, Charm City Roller Girls

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