Championships Semifinal: 1W Oly Vaults 2SC Texas, 224-147


ATLANTA, GA — 1W Oly improved to 12-0 on the year and earned their 4th straight trip to the WFTDA championship game with a big win over Texas in the WFTDA semifinal. Three power jams in the first 10 minutes staked Oly to a 70 point lead right out of the box, and Oly was in never in danger of seeing that advantage evaporate on their way to a 224-147 win.

Oly will face the winner of the 8:30pm game between 1E Gotham and 2W Denver tomorrow at 3pm.

Bout stats via Rinxter.

Round one went narrowly to Texas’s Olivia Shootin’ John on a 3-0, but Texas got stuck there for the next ten minutes. After a scoreless followup, Onda Sligh put Oly up on a classic 4-0. Oly got the first power jam opportunity of the game on frame 4, as Oly went to passive offense while OSJ had to watch from the box; Atomatrix put up a big whack of points by repeatedly pushing her way through to a 24-0. After five minutes, Oly led 28-3.

Two jams later, another Texas jammer penalty — this time on Killbox — led to another big jam for Oly, as Onda Sligh racked up 17-0. In continuing bad news for Texas, Killbox re-entered the box later in the same jam, setting up another unopposed jam for Atomatrix. Texas had a pack advantage and attempted to counter the passive offense by backing up closer to the standing Oly players, but it still went 13-0 Oly, leaving them up 73-3 after ten minutes.

Passive offense continued to be the name of the game on the very next jam, but this time in Texas’ favor as DeRanged hit the box as Oly jammer; Texas jammer OSJ claimed 18 during the unopposed time. Solid defense from Belle Star, Luce Bandit, Shortcut and Molotov M. Pale finally handled Onda Sligh next, and Vicious Van Go Go lapped her in the course of a 9-0. That placed the score at 73-30 with 16 minutes in the half.

The teams traded wins to a new score of 77-38 on the next two frames, but the third became trouble for Texas as they were momentarily reduced to just one blocker; Atomatrix claimed 17-3 over OSJ and Oly was up 94-41. Texas called their first timeout there with 11:43 on the period clock.

Once again the game became a low-scoring back and forth, with the score inching forward to 99-44 with 7:30 left. Oly had a bit of a scare there, as a jam was called on injury to Onda Sligh when Luce Bandit shot her down during an attempted apex leap. She was able to get off with some assistance, apparently with a hurt knee.

On the scoreboard, though, it was almost all Oly in the closing minutes of the half as they went on a 21-0 run. Texas picked up points on power jam opportunity on the closing jam of the half, as Vicious Van Go Go picked up 10 points — but Onda Sligh had already scored 12. The half ended with Oly closing in on a triple digit lead, 141-54.

Though the opening ten minutes of the half were fairly evenly matched on more small-ball wins, Oly slowly increased their lead to 99 at 167-68. With exactly 20 minutes showing on the clock, Oly got a power jam following a penalty to OSJ, and Atomatrix’s 20-0 finally got Oly’s lead over 100 points at 187-68.

From there, Texas played it pretty evenly with Oly — but sitting on their huge point cushion, Oly was perfectly happy to see jams equalized. The crowd blew up in the last two jams as Oly lost their jammer in both frames, letting Texas finish big with a 25-3 to Smarty Pants and 15-0 to Olivia Shootin’ John, which left the final score looking a bit less lopsided at 224-147.

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