Championships Quarterfinal: 1W Oly Bounces 2E Philly, 181-95


BROOMFIELD, CO — The top seed from the West, Oly, easily ejected the East’s 2 seed in the last quarterfinal of the WFTDA Championships tournament. Oly took the lead on the game’s second jam and never trailed again on their way to a 181-95 win and a berth in the semifinals against 2SC Kansas City.

The bout started auspiciously for Philly as Oly’s leadoff jammer Atomatrix was boxed almost instantly off the line; Philly’s Persephone picked up 8 and froze Atom in the box for jam 2. However, Philly couldn’t translate it to another lead jammer status and their jammer Shenita Stretcher was boxed herself, flipping the power jam advantage to Oly. Atom rolled up 15-0 to give Oly a 15-8 lead after two.

Things stayed close over the next three jams and Philly clawed to within 18-14 going into jam 6. It was at that point that Oly started taking control, though. Oly got another powerjam chance there when Goldy was boxed against Atomatrix. Atom put up 8 and Oly was up 26-14; they won five out of the next six jams and were up 47-23 with 13:26 on the clock. Philly called their first timeout there.

Persephone claimed lead for Philly on the next, but she waited too long to call and Licker N Split passed her on the undefended inside corner for a 4-3 win. Oly continued to win small-ball jams, but the continuing series of single-digit wins put Philly in a larger and larger hole.

Oly’s lead was 68-32 with about 5 minutes to play in the half before Philly finally managed to get both lead and a full scoring pass for Shenita Stretcher, but Atomatrix answered with 20-0 and Philly was on the ropes in the first half at 88-36. Oly added one more point before the break and enjoyed a 89-36 advantage with 30 minutes to play.

Oly extended their lead to 101-36 before running into some penalty trouble; Stella Italiana was boxed as jammer on a track cut and Shenita Stretcher was able to turn it into a 6-5 jam. However, the penalty problems quickly switched to Oly’s advantage as Philly cycled blockers in and out of the box for the next two jams. Oly dropped 13-5 and 15-0 jams to follow and was up 135-46 with about 20 minutes left in the game.

The main question at that point in the game was whether Oly was going to be able to put 100 points between themselves and Philly, as Philly kept scoring points just in time to avoid that. With about 13 minutes left Oly had extended the lead to 156-59 following a 14-3 to Tannibal Lector, but then Philly suddenly caught fire for a short spell, getting four straight lead jammer calls with 12-0, 3-2, 4-0 and 1-0 wins to make it 158-78 at the 9 minute mark.

The point gap, though, was out of hand for Philly and they’d have to settle for the moral victory of keeping the last 20 minutes of the game even. At the end, Oly had an 86-point win at 181-95.

Oly advances to the semifinals to play Kansas City at 7:15 Mountain.

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