Championships Quarterfinal: 1SC Texas Escapes 3W Bay Area, 216-161


ATLANTA, GA – The first half was almost all Bay Area, but major penalty trouble for the team in gold and an exceptionally strong performance from Texas’ Killbox saw the pendulum shift in the second half. Texas took the lead halfway through the second period and held it, skating away with a 216-161 win to progress in the tournament.

Bout stats via Rinxter.

The teams traded low-scoring jams to open but in the third jam, Bay Area started to run into penalty trouble, handing Texas a 4-1 and then a 4-2 pack advantage in successive jams. In the latter of these, Olivia Shootin’ John put up the first grand slam of the game over a stuck Lulu Lockjaw and then the first multi-pass jam before Lulu escaped the pack, leaving the score at 18-4 in Texas’ favour with 25 minutes to play.

Bay Area had the chance to come back in the very next jam, though, as Ivy Profane picked up a natural grand slam before Killbox landed in the penalty box with the Texas jam star. She secured a six-point lead for her team before as Killbox returned and had stretched it to 11 points, 29-18, when she called off the jam.

Nock Nock followed up with a big run as Bay Area’s defence locked down Olivia Shootin’ John – she’d put up 15-0 by the time OJ headed to the penalty box, having not made an initial pass, and 29-0 when the jam concluded. With 20 minutes left in the period, Bay Area led 58-18.

A few more-of-the-same jams later, Killbox broke Texas’ dry spell with a quick lead jammer call and 4 points, bringing the score to 74-22 in Bay Area’s favour; in the next jam, Smarty Pants took Texas’ jam star to the penalty box after a fourth minor for skting out of bounds. Nock Nock settled for 10 points and called off the jam with Smarty still seated, letting Bay Area send out Chantilly Mace to capitalise on the remaining power jam time.

Mace added five points before Smarty’s time expired but committed a major track cut towards the end of her second scoring pass, right after Smarty returned to the track. She picked up lead jammer status and added much-needed points for Texas; with 13 minutes left to play, Bay Area held a 93-32 lead. Working with a 4-3 pack advantage, Vicious Van Gogo added 7 of her own before Mace returned.

It was back to business-as-usual for Bay Area then – Killbox back-blocked her way to the box, letting the team from the West add another 10-0. Despite a 3-2 pack disadvantage in the next jam, Nock Nock picked up lead jammer status but called for 0-0 with Smarty hot on her heels and both jammers knocked out of bounds as they hit the pack.

Over the next few jams, the teams traded low-scoring single-pass runs and slim pack advantages; both managed to keep their jammers on the track, but blockers were another story. The typical configuration was a 3-2 pack advantage for Texas, which translated into a couple of 4-0 jams, but Bay Area were able to maintain about a 60-point lead.

With three minutes left in the period, Texas looked set to have a big opportunity; with a 4-2 pack advantage and Bay Area blockers queuing up for the penalty box, the Texecutioners sent out Killbox – who quickly picked up lead jammer status and was approaching to score when Lulu Lockjaw hit the penalty box after a major back block during her initial pass. Vigorous defence from Bay Area kicked in after Killbox’s first 15 – the next 10 were slower, but when the jam concluded, she’d brought the score to 110-80 with Texas trailing.

With a minute left in the half, Texas sent out Smarty Pants for a quick 4-0; she called off the jam with 35 seconds remaining, leaving time for another jam with Killbox skating against Chantilly Mace. That jam went 7-3 in Texas’ favour; at halftime, Bay Area led 113-87.

The first two jams of the second period were low-scoring single-passes for each side; an official time-out followed the second, after Ivy Profane lost the jam star in the aftermath of a big hit and pivot belle right hooks picked it up as Ivy headed to the penalty box for a low block. belle, too, wound up in the penalty box as a result; she picked up a failure to reform major as she skated away from the pack before putting the helmet cover on.

When play resumed, Vicious Van Gogo stood at the jam line with Ivy Profane seated in the box, but Bay Area held a 3-2 pack advantage; she was able to bring Texas within striking distance at 117-111 in Bay Area’s favour. Bay Area were able to stretch that lead back out to 10 points over the next couple of jams; with 22 minutes left to play, the teams’ scores had crept up to 123-116 with Texas trailing.

Chantilly Mace was able to put up the first grand slam of the half as OJ returned to the jam line after being held out of the rotation for much of the first period; at the end of that jam, just under 20 minutes remained on the clock and Bay Area held a 134-116 lead. A stifling Bay Area defence held Vicious Van Gogo in the pack as Chantilly Mace added another 9 to bring it to 143-116. OJ came back with a 4-0 before an official time-out stopped the clock at 17.17.

During that official time-out, an illegal procedure major was assessed on the Bay Area jammer, and play resumed with a 2-2 pack and a power jam for Killbox. Bay Area continued to lose blockers, getting down to just one, and when the jam concluded, Texas had taken a 7-point lead at 150-143.

Another official time-out ensued, holding the clock stopped at 15.40. Texas had the opportunity to capitalise on that narrow lead in the next jam, with a 3-2 pack advantage and a queue for the Bay Area penalty box. Vicious van Gogo lined up against Ivy Profane, and quickly picked up lead jammer status and four points; sturdy defence from Demanda Riot slowed her long enough to let Ivy escape the pack and force the call-off.

Another couple of low-scoring jams followed but Texas opened up their lead with about 12 minutes left to play, when Bay Area jammer Ivy Profane headed to the box for a fourth minor, leaving Killbox jamming unopposed. With 10.33 left to play, Texas held a 170-145 lead.

The lead was far from secure, though – the next jam offered a spirited game of jammer musical chairs in the penalty box, with Olivia Shootin’ John picking up a major track cut, Lulu Lockjaw a fourth minor back block, then OJ a second major for back blocking. A time-out stopped the clock with 7.55 to play and Texas holding a 179-148 lead.

When play resumed, Texas held a 4-3 pack advantage and Bay Area sent out Chantilly Mace to jam unopposed. OJ returned to play as Mace made her first scoring pass, and quickly got hung up behind Liza Machete and belle right hooks. Mace was able to add 8-0, leaving the score at 179-156 in Texas’ favour.

Killbox added 4-0 and n the next jam, Texas sent out OJ with a 4-1 pack advantage; Lulu Lockjaw struggled to make an initial pass with none of her blockers on the track as OJ added a 9-0.

With three minutes left to play, the game’s outcome was clear as Vicious Van Gogo ran out a two-minute power jam after Chantilly Mace picked up an insubordination penalty on top of a major high block. Texas led 207-158 as Bay Area used a team time-out to stop the clock at 1.21; when play resumed, Killbox was jamming unopposed against a 3-3 pack to run out the remainder of the power jam. She skated cautiously and added a single grand slam before Mace returned; Killbox called off the jam as the period clock expired, securing Texas a 216-161 win and a date with the winner of the Oly/Minnesota match-up at 6.30pm tonight.

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