Championships Quarterfinal: 1E Gotham Routs 3NC Naptown, 316-111


ATLANTA, GA — In the final quarterfinal bout of the 2012 WFTDA Championships tournament, 1E Gotham rolled to an expected big win over 3NC Naptown, running up a 205 margin of victory by a final of 316-111. Naptown had particular trouble with the penalty box, giving up 37 minutes of penalty time against 23 for Gotham — they also lost their jammer 7 times against 4 for Gotham.

Gotham’s win sets up a rematch of an ECDX game against Denver in the semifinals; in that June bout, Gotham romped 242-117. The winner of the Gotham / Denver match will face the winner of the Oly / Texas match in the championship.

Bout stats via Rinxter.

Bonnie Thunders started the action with 3-0 over Maiden America. Although Naptown got a big pop from the crowd for taking lead jammer on the second jam of the game, Amooze Booche was forced to call at 0-0 after her jammer defense on Suzy Hotrod didn’t work out.

That scoreless frame proved to be Naptown’s best jam of the first ten minutes. Gotham’s lead inched up to 11-0 after five jams but exploded when Maiden America hit the penalty box as Naptown’s jammer. 20-0 and 17-0 power jams from Suzy Hotrod and Slambda Phage made it 48-0 Gotham early.

With the score 59-0 and about 13 minutes gone in the game, Naptown finally got on the scoreboard as a result of Suzy Hotrod picking up a back block major while on power jam. On the jammer switch, Maiden America got a lap’s worth of points in the course of losing a 17-5. That pushed the score to 76-5 but got the crowd back into the action.

One jam later, Naptown finally ended a 10-jam streak of lead jammer calls with back to back wins of 3-1 and 4-0 to make a new score of 81-12. They were kept off the board for three jams following that, but once again turned a Gotham jammer penalty into points — though they again lost ground overall in a 15-10 that made it 114-26. The half ended a few jams later at 141-28 Gotham.

Things did not get any easier for Naptown when they lost jammer Maiden America to the penalty box on the second half opener; Bonnie Thunders scored 25 points in a hurry and then spent nearly a minute playing cat-and-mouse with America to kill off her blocker’s penalty time. That made it 166-28.

Back to back box trips for Gotham jammer Slambda Phage gave Naptown an opportunity for back to back wins at 14-3 and 10-2, moving the score to 180-52 — and Naptown was able to pick up some more on a high-scoring 16-12 full length jam between Bonnie Thunders and Maiden America to put it at 196-64.

Two jams later, though, Gotham dropped the hammer, scoring 71 unanswered points over four jams to go up by over 200 points at 279-72. Naptown got a bit of a moral victory at about the 5 minute mark when they took their score into triple digits at 287-103, but Gotham got the 200-point margin back on the last jam of the game, winning 316-111.

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