Championships Opening Round: 3W Bay Area Rebuffs 2E Philly, 169-119


ATLANTA, GA — Bay Area returned to Championships for the first time since 2010 aiming to survive the first round for the first time, with Philly looking to find the sort of form that guided them to 4th place that same year. While Philly opened the scoring, Bay Area had taken the lead by the end of jam three and never looked in any serious danger of surrendering it. The Liberty Belles did take advantage of some occasional BAD penalty trouble in the second half, but never got closer than 20 points to the golden girls, with Bay Area skating out 169-119 victors to proceed to the quarterfinal against 1SC Texas.

Bout stats via Rinxter.

The first jam ended after 12 seconds, but V-Diva took the star for a second jam in a row next time out and drew first blood with a quickfire 4-0. But BAD’s Nock Nock put up a 10-0 thanks in part to some fine defensive jamming on her first scoring pass to keep Teflon Donna stuck in the Bay Area pack.

A 1-0 for V-Diva followed before Chantilly Mace spun off the line to get lead by the pivot line and put up four, and another 4-0 for Ivy Profane over V-Diva gave BAD an 18-5 lead with five minutes gone. Philly burned their first timeout, but it didn’t stop Bay Area from racking up points.

Kid Ace and Demanda Riot held Tef for long enough for Nock Nock to put up a 14-0 as the packs started to seriously speed up. Four jams later Teflon Donna put her first points of the bout up as Nock Nock was boxed on a fourth minor to make it 35-19 in BAD’s favour.

Mo Pain picked up four as she finished off the power jam despite not getting through cleanly; Shenita Stretcher and Damage Dahl formed a supremely effective dynamic two-wall to hold up Nock Nock for long enough for Pain to get all four in a hard-fought pass.

A major cut called on Philly jammer Antidote in the next jam let Lulu Lockjaw make very light work of Philly’s static walls to lay a 20-0 down before being forced into a call with BAD leading 56-23.

As the half drew to a close, a major back block on Nock Nock with 4:35 left in the half gave Teflon Donna a big opportunity to put some more points on the board. Tef made the score 91-44 with a 15-0 — but it would have been five or ten more had it not been for a last-ditch hit from Belle Right Hooks pushing Tef wide on turn four and recycling her back to the straightaway.

Two jams later Mo Pain got lead with a 4-2 pack advantage next time out, but it took a full minute for her to finish her second pass thanks to the impassable wall of Demanda Riot at the front of the Bay Area pack. V-Diva continued Philly’s run with a 4-0 to close out the half, with BAD leading 91-59.

Philly edged the opening encounters of the second half to cut the deficit to 29 with five minutes gone. Bay Area started to fill their box in the next few jams as V-Diva and Mo Pain nibbled into the BAD lead before Nock Nock and V-Diva played a spot of jammer musical chairs–that full two-minute jam left BAD leading 107-84 with 20 minutes left as V-Diva was repeatedly recycled to the back of the Bay Area pack. She did score a moral victory over Nock Nock at the death, though, flattening the Bay Area jammer before completing her final scoring pass as the jam expired.

Philly edged the next few jams as well to cut the deficit to 20 — but V-Diva barely botched an apex jump jamming against Nock Nock, and that gave Bay Area a chance to push their lead up to 30 with 15 minutes to go as the Philly fans lustily booed the call. That lead was then 44 when Chantilly Mace polished off the power jam and looked to start to take the bout away from the Liberty Belles.

Liza Machete and Brawllen Angel followed up as BAD blockers when they did a number on Mo Pain, holding her in the pack for just shy of 90 seconds; that let Lulu Lockjaw make the lead a bout-high 55 points with 12 minutes to go. That gave Bay Area the cushion they needed to start watching the clock rather than the scoreboard, and they showed off their time-management skills, running jams, running up pack speeds, and running down the clock.

The gap didn’t change across the final few minutes as both teams put more points on the board — but the majority of Philly’s points in the final ten minutes were scored on the whim of Bay Area’s jammers. The bout ended 169-119, ending Philly’s weekend and sending Bay Area to the quarterfinals against South Central top seed Texas in tomorrow’s 10am opener.

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