Championships Opening Round: 2W Rocky Mountain Eliminates 3SC Nashville, 198-58


BROOMFIELD, CO – The hometown Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, with an eye on returning to the finals to defend their championship title, came in to this opening bout heavily favored against Nashville’s Music City All-Stars at the 1st Bank Center. Rocky Mountain’s blockers were too strong for Nashville in a penalty-filled first half which ended with a 60-point Rocky Mountain lead. The second half was mostly slower and tighter with Nashville playing more evenly, but a few big powerjams for Rocky Mountain put it far out of reach to end it at 198-58.

Rocky Mountain jumped out to a quick lead with DeRanged out-powerjam-dueling Ramb0 Samb0, 15-4 after two jams. Slayla tried to get some momentum back for Nashville with great 1-on-1 defense for 4 turns on Triple Shot Misto but Bob Loblaw recyled Maulin Monroe all the way to the back and the freed Triple Shot Misto added 8 more to the lead. Frida Beater then skated freely through a lightening Nashville pack for 24 while DeRanged bird-dogged Rock Nasty in the pack for the entire jam. After a 5-0 jam from Psycho Babble, Rocky Mountain led 52-4 after just under 10 minutes. Nashville then came back with a 17-8 run, culminating with an odd jam just at the 15-minute mark.

The strangeness began as DeRanged played some jammer-on-jammer defense on Lady Fury, recycling her for almost half the track. After some deliberation, Lady Fury decided to take the minor cut and re-entered the track only to be caught up by a speeding DeRanged as she approached the pack. DeRanged blew her out at turn four, but drew a major forearm penalty in the process, compounded by some choice words to the officials.

With 9 points in and the remainder of a two-minute powerjam, Nashville sent Ramb0 Samb0 out to the line but she quickly drew her fourth minor, blowing the opportunity, and DeRanged made them pay by rattling off another 16 to stretch the lead to 76-21. Two jams later, Frida Beater scored 19 more as DeRanged and Amanda Jamitinya kept Rock Nasty in the pack for a full minute but penalties for Rocky Mountain seemed to fill up the box often in the closing minutes of the half. Nashvile got a few more back despite the amazing blocking from the Rocky Mountain pack which only allowed 5 lead jams for Nashville despite many powerjam and minor jammer penalty opportunities. With one half in the book, Rocky Mountain led 101-41.

The second half began much as the first. Lady Fury was unable to escape the pack while DeRanged tallied a double grand-slam. Then Nashville was able to capture lead for three jams in a row with good defensive blocking by Union Jack-U-Up and Jennifer Smith and offensive blocking by Slammylou Harris. But a brief injury by Slayla unfortunately cost Nashville a scoring opportunity and what small ground they gained was quickly lost as Frida Beater won a textbook 4-0 after DeRanged cleared the back of the pack.

Rock Nasty answered with a good-looking run that got her 3 points, but a huge block by Amanda Jamitinya ended that. Then Amanda Jamitinya teamed up with Psycho Babble, taking turns hammering and shutting out Four Leaf Roller, as Urrk’n Jerk’n as Booty Blockya ran up 10 points before going to the box for an illegal procedure over a star pass. Another 11 points for DeRanged stretched the lead up to 138-48 as both defenses tightened up with hard-working slow packs.

Nashville made a last push to even the gap, winning four straight lead jams highlighted by Lady Fury’s very rough sledding through a pack led by Psycho Babble’s relentless hard hits. Jennifer Smith and Britches N’Hose led the four-jam shutout of Rocky Mountain but the speedy black-clad front walls kept Music City under control and they only managed 7 points over the five-minute run.

With the score at 140-55, the wheels came off of Nashville’s comeback. Ramb0 Samb0 was sent to the box for a track cut just as a jam ended. Frida Beater took advantage with an amazing powerjam, first slipping around a 4-wall on the inside and then drawing a trio of whiffs by Susan, on her way to 25 more points. The powerjams continued for Rocky Mountain and Queen Elizabitch’s 5, Urrk’n Jerk’n as Booty Blockya’s 15, and DeRanged’s 8 were the final nails in the coffin of a 198-58 Rocky Mountain win. They go on to face Gotham tomorrow in the Quarterfinals.

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