Championships Final: 1E Gotham Controls 1W Oly to Win 2011 WFTDA Championship, 140-97


BROOMFIELD, CO — East Region queens Gotham became the WFTDA queens for the second time by defeating Oly in the final bout of the 2011 WFTDA Championships, 140-97. The win capped Gotham’s second undefeated season and ended Oly’s season one game short of a perfect run.

Penalties were an enormous problem for Oly in this one, as they ended up spending 48 minutes in the box (against 37 for Gotham) and saw key players Tannibal Lector and Sassy both foul out.

The lead changed three times in the first four jams as they went 2-0 Gotham, 3-0 Oly, 2-0 Gotham and 5-0 Oly to make it 8-4 Oly about five minutes into the game. Oly got the first powerjam opportunity on jam 5, as Wild Cherri ended jam 4 in the box; Atomatrix went out unopposed and ran up 10-0 in time to freeze Wild Cherri in the box. Stella Italiana picked up 4 on the end of the three-jam power play to leave Oly up early, 22-4.

However, that was the end of Oly scoring for almost ten minutes as Gotham took lead jammer status for 10 jams in a row. Jam 7 saw a lengthy, crowd-displeasing stall as the jammers weren’t released for almost 50 seconds; Bonnie Thunders blasted into lead jammer status and a 8-0 for Gotham. Next, Wild Cherri had a major power jam opportunity as Oly overfilled their penalty box. Gotham slowed to a near stop and Oly’s lone blocker couldn’t catch Cherri, leading to a huge 24-0 jam. Gotham was suddenly in a 36-22 lead with 18:31 left.

There was a bit of a confusion in the penalty box next as the officials had to sort out how to handle Oly’s complicated penalty situation; they’d be stuck with two blockers in the box for the next two jams, and Gotham capitalized with 3-0 and 4-0 to extend their lead to 43-22 with 16 minutes in the half. Oly’s penalty problems continued to pile up in the half; at the break, they were looking at 23 minutes in the box against 15 for Gotham.

Gotham was up 52-22 with just under 10 minutes to play in the half when Oly finally broke their long lead-jammer drought with the help of a back-block major to Suzy Hotrod; however, Atomatrix oddly called it at 0-0 with Suzy still boxed. Stella Italiana finally got points for Oly on the other side of the power jam, but it was only a 4-0. With 7 minutes left in the half, Gotham was still solidly up 52-26.

That sequence changed Oly’s fortunes in terms of lead jammer status, as they managed to take lead on 6 of the half’s last 8 jams. Still, though,scoring was fairly low for the rest of the half, partially due to another couple of lengthy stall starts that got some more catcalls from the crowd. At the break, Oly was slightly narrowing the gap, getting it down to 59-38.

The second half opened on a very light 2-2 pack, but Fisti Cuffs and Sexy Slaydie managed to wall up and deny lead jammer Atomatrix any points before calling it at 0-0. Things stayed tight for three more jams until Gotham’s Sexy Slaydie had an particularly strong turn in the pack to hold up Atomatrix long enough for Bonnie Thunders to lap twice for a 13-0 that gave Gotham their largest lead at 76-41.

With the score 79-44 and about 21 minutes left, Oly got a powerjam opportunity for Tannibal Lector; Tannibal got 10-0 and froze Cherri in the box to give Atomatrix part of the power jam. Atom took 5 and made the score 79-59 with 18 to play.

The next three jams saw an avalanche of jammer penalties – Oly lost Stella Italiana three times in two jams. One of her minutes was canceled out as Suzy Hotrod was boxed at almost the same second, but it was still a bad sequence for Oly as Gotham won it with 7-0, 10-9 and 3-0 frames to go up 99-68. As if that wasn’t enough trouble for Oly, Tannibal Lector fouled out of the game during that sequence, leaving her team down one of its standouts with 14 minutes still left to play.

With about ten minutes on the clock, Fisti Cuffs, Sweet Sherry Pie, Kandy Kakes and OMG WTF hammered Atomatrix long enough for Suzy Hotrod to grab a key 14-0. That put Gotham up by 41 points at 113-72, and Gotham got a break on the next jam when jammer-on-jammer contact away from the pack between Bonnie Thunders and Stella Italiana got sent to the box yet again on a trip. The power jam went 17-0 to Bonnie and Gotham was solidly in control at 130-72 with only six minutes to play.

Oly’s last best chance came with about 4 minutes left, when Oly had a power jam opportunity at a score of 140-72, but Hockey Honey was boxed during her run. While she did manage to get 9-0 out of it, Oly needed much more to make a dent in that Gotham lead — and Sassy joined Tannibal Lector in the locker room on a foulout there, removing another of Oly’s best players.

While Oly finished the game strong with that 9-0, a 12-0 to Atomatrix and 4-0 to Stella Italiana, it was too little too late and Gotham finished with a 140-97 victory.

Gotham ends their season with a 13-0 record in WFTDA sanctioned bouts; Oly finishes 13-1.

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