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The time has come…. CHAMPIONSHIPS! If last year’s nail biting overtime win is any indication of the kind of excitement Championships promises, then Saturday’s Championship bout truly should be one for the ages.  All four teams have trained and fought all season to get to these bouts and they will leave it all on the track for each other and their fans.

In Saturday’s first bout: The Hustlers head into a battle for third place against the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers.  These two teams have have grown and become more powerful and cohesive with each bout, and will be showcasing all of that teamwork, determination and skill in their last battle of the season.  With a talent pool so deep and a desire to win so strong, we are clearly in for a fight to the finish to head into the off-season with a win and third place standing for the season.


hustlersColors: Purple and Silver

Players to Watch:
Bitter Cup
Cease Ann Desist
MariEZ Livin’
Chasing Amy

The Hustlers are a team with an incredible well of talent and clearly calculated strategy in their gameplay.  They have looked impressive all season long and their individual strengths and skills have been capitalized on and woven into a quilt full of promise and determination. In recent scrimmages, the power of their jammer rotation has been looking fine-tuned and ready to dominate on Saturday.  Sprawkett, Cease Ann Desist, and Fifi Nomenon have looked especially powerful and agile; weaving and pushing their way through packs with a singular determination to grab lead jammer and put points on the board at any cost.  Paired with increasingly dominant blocking from MariEZ Livin’, Bitter Cup, and Chasing Amy make this Hustler squad seem destined for success in their last bout of the season.  The Hustlers’ skills are only outdone by their determination to capitalize on every skater’s strengths to create the most powerful lineup with every jam.  It is clear that the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers will have to use every weapon in their arsenal to take down the Hustlers when they head into battle on Saturday.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

heartsColors: Navy Gingham and Gold

Players to Watch:
Shiner Blond
Booty Queen
Nine Lives
Sideshow Ho

The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers have developed so much as a team over this season and Saturday is their chance to really showcase all of their growth and finish the season with a win against a very strong Hustler team.  The Heartbreakers won the Championships last year, but many of their skaters retired, leaving them to use this year to reboot and develop as a new team featuring many fresh faces and talented transfers.  With every scrimmage and bout they have looked stronger as a team.  This Saturday is their chance to put all of that teamwork and strategic gameplay on display.  In scrimmage against the Hotrods, the Heartbreaker defense was on full display and was looking very solid as DeBella DeBall, Booty Queen, and Big Nasty showcased both hard hits and inflexible walls, while holding back some of the most powerful jammers in the league.  Headless Highness, Luann Splatter, and Danke Shame also displayed their blocking prowess and looked poised to hold back the Hustler jammers on Saturday.  The jammer rotation of Deep Dish Nitza, Nine Lives, and Shiner Blond looked agile, powerful, and determined as they fought through some of the league’s most feared blockers.  This Heartbreaker squad has a ton of heart and the skills to match, this is the time for them to show that that heart can’t be broken.

Saturday’s second bout is what many fans have been waiting for all season: watching the two best teams of the season fight it out for the coveted Championship trophy.

We will see two teams who have worked and trained incredibly hard and who will battle using all of that training and skill to reach the top.  The Hell Marys have turned into an incredibly well-oiled machine, developing each skater’s potential to the maximum, all the while creating a family-like loyalty that makes them even stronger.  The Hells will be facing a Hotrod Honeys team that hasn’t slipped up all season, and who have used their many talents to become a team that seems almost unbeatable with their blend of world class jamming and incredible blocking.  So, will it be the titans in black and pink or ferocious family in red plaid?  Join us Saturday to find out…

Hotrod Honeys

hotsColors: Black and Pink

Players to Watch:
Lucille Brawl
Bo Jacks’em
La Dolce Beatah

There is only one team that has managed to remain undefeated through the regular season and has done so with unparalleled power that both mystifies and intimidates: the Hotrod Honeys. The undefeated Hotrods have dominated the competition and appear ready to ride that momentum through Saturday’s game –  seizing the Championship trophy.   The Hotrods continue to look impressive in scrimmages since last bout and have further deepened their talent pool at every position.  They showcased their undeniable strength at the jammer position with a rotating cast featuring all-stars Hauss the Boss, Olivia Shootin’ John, and Stone Her, while also adding fresh talent to that rotation with some impressive turns at jammer from LaVooDoo.  OJ looked especially impressive as she used the inside line, found holes, plowed her way through packs, and even jumped the apex to rack up points as they took on the Heartbreakers in scrimmage last week.  Their defense continues to grow in power as well, adding newcomer Bo Jacks’Em to an already seemingly impenetrable blocking force, featuring Olympia, La Dolce Beatah, and Lucille Brawl.   The Hotrods look ready and anxious to take the track Saturday and race all the way to a victory lap holding the Championship trophy- the only roadblock could be the Hell Marys.

Hell Marys

hellsColors: Plaid

Players to Watch:
Brown Buttah
The Mad Hatcher

The Hell Marys have worked all season to get to the championship game with their only losses coming at the hands of the Hotrods.  Championships are their time to use all of the skills they have developed to focus their energy and talent to overcome their last challenge- defeating the undefeated Hotrods.  In both previous bouts this season, the Hells have only lost to the Hotrods with losses by 39 and 44 points respectively (for reference the Hotrods’ next closest win was by 171 points to the Hustlers).  If one team can close that gap, it will be the Hell Marys.  The Hells have looked strong in scrimmage and are poised to attack on Saturday.   In scrimmages last week against the Hustlers, Sinnerfold shined at jammer using outside lanes and weaving through opposing blockers to maximize her points.  Brown Buttah looked impressive as well, even capitalizing on a power jam against Hustlers.  The power of the Hell Marys’ jammers in conjunction with the strength of the Hell Marys blockers is an incredible combination.   The Hells’ defense was on full display at scrimmage as well with walls by Angel O, Sandy Ravage, and The Mad Hatcher looking very solid and with some big hits by Notorious D.I.E and SlaughterMelon.  Saturday promises to give us an incredible battle between this clan of warriors in plaid when they face off against the Hotrod Honeys in the war for the title of Texas Rollergirls Champions.

We have watched, cheered and waited all season long, and Saturday’s Championship bouts promise to give us the toughest, most impressive skating of the season as every team fights to grab that last win, whether for 3rd place or the Championship trophy.  Join us for the final bouts of the season! Get your tickets TODAY

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