Can't we all just get along?

Can't we all just get along?:

Earlier today Ria Zenkind ( ) made a Facebook post about there not being enough officials for the amount of derby going on.

It’s a real problem, but unfortunately the conversation doesn’t get anywhere close to addressing a real solution.

Being polite to each other is not a solution to the very real problems facing your sport.

Being polite to each other is the minimum requirement for not being a shitty human being.

WFTDA’s problems with officials go far beyond that. Politeness and respect are only the first of many steps.

Solving the increasing problem of there being not enough officials for the number of WFTDA derby games being played will take things like restructuring the rules so they are easier to learn and enforce.

Things like transferring paperwork not vital to the outcome of the game from being part of NSOing to being the responsibility of league staff.

Paying good officials for their time while also eliminating as many of them as possible with technology.  

Wait. That sounded bad. Eliminating the officiating jobs. Not the officials. I am not advocating sending armed terminator drones after derby officials! That is a damn dirty lie and I will sue you if you say otherwise. The nerve!

Ok, back to what I was talking about….a major restructuring of the sport is needed with the goal of making officials’ jobs easier and also making the sport require fewer of them.

There is no longer an infinite supply of people who can pick up a whistle or a clipboard and make your game happen.

Treating people with respect starts with not having unrealistic expectations of them. That is not the case with the structure of WFTDA derby as relates to officials and never has been.

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