Derby Name: Canadia
Derby Number: 1057
What does your derby name mean to you? I first learned about roller derby when I lived in Ontario (Canada). I lived there for most of my adult life and felt it was an appropriate salute to a pretty awesome place.
Favorite Position: I prefer blocking with my teammates.
How you found out about roller derby: A friend of mine (Killson, Team Canada) started playing with the Forrest City Derby Girls in London, Ontario. I used to go to bouts and watch regularly. One day a co-worker and I made a pact that we would try out for the team that following season. I ended up moving to Florida and tried out for a team down here instead.
Date you started with Jacksonville Roller Girls: January 2014.
Favorite moment during a bout: When you click with your team and all the hard work from practice comes together.
Favorite moment during an after party: I like enjoying a post-bout beer after a victory.
Favorite after party drink: Beer. Is there anything else?
Favorite bout you played in: Manatee County Assassins vs. Ft Myers Derby Girls. I got to play against some girls I had always looked up to and even thought we lost, I felt that all my hard work during the season finally paid off.
What are your favorite skates? My pink Bonts!
What are your favorite wheels? Vanilla Backspins.
Do you have a derby wife? Yes. Guinness the Menace of the Bradentucky Bombers.
What should an opponent know about you? I don’t like to give away my secrets.
What should your fans know about you? I am so honored to be a part of JRG and will do my best to provide them a great bout to watch.

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