Calendar Girl

Who are you?
Toxic Frosting, I play for Vice Squad and have been skating with CRD since August 2013.

What’s so special about the Body Canvas calendar?
It’s tasteful and artistic and really think it adds something new to market of nude / roller derby calendars.

Oh really, how so?
Sure we may be naked but consider that we use our bodies as a tool for roller derby – we push ourselves to the limit both on and off track to improve our game play and our bodies are essentially a canvas that we can shape in any way we want. We are projecting the images of our alter egos; athleticism and badassery to create a contrast between two images and the way other people perceive us.

What made you want to take part?
My captain, Cardinal Sim suggested it. I wasn’t sure whether I would be right for the project but really liked the concept, and of course it’s all about helping CRD to raise the funds to achieve world domination.

Were you nervous?
HELL YES. It’s not like I’m in a habit of posing naked for photographs. A lot of people spend a lot of time battling with their bodies and I hated mine for most of my life. Now I’m in a place where I’m comfortable with it and using it as this tool to try and achieve great things, why not flaunt it for a good cause?!

Tell us about the experience…
HAHA WOO I’M NAKED. Initially liberating and then…well this just feels normal, I’m naked and I’m having my photo taken, whatever. The room was also warm which helped.

What did you think about your photos?
I actually thought they were awesome, the camera and editing trickery created a striking image that I did actually feel badass in. Even my mother thought they were amazing!

Anything else to add?
12 ladies getting their kit off because they are so dedicated to their sport’s league is inspiring if you ask me. CRD have been achieving roller derby greatness in 2014 and we are going to smash it in 2015. Do yourself a favour and buy a piece of our history, it’s only ten quid!

toxic cal

If you want to see more, including Toxic’s chosen calendar image you can buy one of our Body Canvas calendars, by clicking the LINK


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