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We are happy to announce that the calendar events and reporting has been broken down into groups.

For each new event that is created, it can be assigned to the entire league or just separate groups.  Separating out the events to groups does a few things.

  1. It allows checkins only by the actual group its assigned to.  No longer allowing the full league to check into the group.
  2. RSVPs can still be added by anyone in the league.  We know the importance of going to another groups event when they need help.  So anyone can still RSVP for each group event.
  3. Reporting can now be split by groups.  The league can now report on group only events and/or members apart of the group.  When generating a report, you can select the group only to report on.  The reporter can also select the the group as well as designate group only events.

So What?  Why would you use this?

For those groups that are designated teams inside the league, teams can now report on the team it self rather than generating a report for the entire league.  So does your group/team have a game coming up?  Just select the group and report on that group.  No longer do you need to wade through the entire league to understand the attendance patterns of a team.

Hope you like this new update.

Veggie D.

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