CCRG vs. Greenville Derby Dames

Winter Boot Camp

Valentine’s Day at The Classic Center Arena saw the Classic City Rollergirls take on the Greenville Derby Dames in an action-packed bout that drove the crowd wild. CCRG grabbed the lead from the very first jam and held on tight, ending the first half with a score of 130-16. Greenville’s jammers were unable to break through CCRG’s walls thanks to the skills of blockers like Tre Booshay, Cirque du Slay and Super Smash Fro, while jammers like BadAsh Booher and Louis Strongarm zipped by and slipped through the Derby Dames’ defense.

​In the second half, the teams dialed up the tension with a standoff at the start of an early jam. No one wanted to make the first move until Greenville’s jammer, Magickly D’Vicious, darted through the pack to earn four points. The next jam saw Greenville take the lead jammer spot again, with Trauma Queen earning nine points to bring the score to 144-30.

​As the bout drew to a close, Kru$ha took the lead jammer position for CCRG and, with Magickly D’Vicious in the penalty box, started a power jam. Just as she started her scoring pass, however, she herself got a penalty and was sent to the box – just as Magickly D’Vicious was coming out. CCRG’s blockers, including the unstoppable pairing of Tre Booshay and Cirque du Slay kept Greenville from scoring points until Kru$ha returned. As Greenville’s blockers kept her back, she faked a star pass to Super Smash Fro and burst through the pack to take the lead jammer position once again.

​In the final jam, team captain Louis Strongarm fought past Greenville’s walls and let the jam run for its entire two-minute duration as she scored point after point, earning a total of 18 points and securing the victory for CCRG.

​The final score was 253-82. MVPs for the bout were Louis Strongarm (CCRG Jammer), Elizabeth Impaler (CCRG Blocker), Magickly D’Vicious (GDD Jammer) and Asphalt (GDD Blocker).

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