CCRG Green vs. Black 2015 Season Opener

Winter Boot Camp

Fans packed the bleachers on Saturday, Jan. 31st to watch CCRG skaters face off against each other in the team’s 2015 season opener, the third annual Green vs. Black bout. Team Green immediately took the lead in the first half, but Team Black quickly caught up and snatched it away with a power jam for Louis Strongarm. Both teams tossed the lead back and forth almost every jam thanks to several power jams for Team Black as well as Team Green’s nearly-unstoppable jammers. Going into halftime, the score was 61-56, with Team Green in the lead.

The first jam of the second half saw Tina Slay jam for Team Green against Team Black’s Kru$ha, who tied up the score 61-61, but BadAsh Booher put Team Green back on top. Team Black’s Super Smash Fro brought the score back to a tie, and in the next jam, Kru$ha put them in front with an awesome 12-point jam. Later, in her first time jamming for CCRG, Fem Fatal made her way through the pack to become lead jammer and scored four points for Team Green, bringing the score to 78-86.

With a score of 83-112, Team Black held the lead until late in the second half, when Elizabeth Impaler and BonEva both took advantage of their position as the only jammers on the track for their jams to score a combined total of 29 points, putting Team Green in the lead with a score of 115-112 with three and a half minutes left in the bout.

With 26 seconds left, the score was tied up 122-122, with Team Green eyeing their third consecutive win and Team Black hot on their tails. In the final jam, Kru$ha fought her way through the pack and past BadAsh Booher to score a total of three points, claiming the victory and the much-coveted Parthenos trophy for Team Black in their first-ever Green vs. Black victory.

The final score was 122-125. MVPs for the bout were Elizabeth Impaler (Green Blocker), BadAsh Booher (Green Jammer), TenderizeHer (Black Blocker) and Louis Strongarm (Black Jammer).

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