Bumbershoot Invitational Lineup


In an exclusive announcement, leadjammer.com is pleased to bring you the official lineup for the 2006 Bumberbout Flat Track Derby Invitational (Sept 2-4, Seattle, WA)! An authority close to the tournament tells us that the field will consist of the following eight squads:

  • B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls (Nat’l rank: 9)
  • Boston Derby Dames (-)
  • Carolina Rollergirls (8)
  • Kansas City Roller Warriors (6)
  • Mad Rollin’ Dolls (7)
  • Minnesota Rollergirls (4)
  • Rat City Rollergirls (5)
  • Texas Rollergirls (1)

The National ranks above were determined by the outcome of the 2006 WFTDA National Championship tournament. Due to the size and seeding system of the Dust Devil tournament, many of these teams never got to bout each other. So the rankings aren’t necessarily indicative of what we’ll see. In any case, this is sure to be an awesome display of flat-track prowess.

Book your flights now, folks! Schedule and Ticket info will be posted ASAP.

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