Bumberbout final scores


The final results are in from yesterday’s Bumbershoot Invitational in Seattle.

Third Place Bout:
Madison 96
Minnesota 50

Championship Bout:
Texas 74
Rat City 69

The Final Standings
1st – Texas Rollergirls
2nd – Rat City Rollergirls
3rd – Mad Rollin’ Dolls
4th – Minnesota Rollergirls
5th – Kansas City Roller Warriors (-35)*
6th – Carolina Rollergirls (-41)
7th – Bay Area Derby Girls (-85)
8th – Boston Derby Dames (-106)

* Rank determined by score differential in pool bouts

So there you have it. Special thanks to all the people who kept in touch throughout the day and sent in updates! There will surely be several recaps and writeups of the tournament. We’ll post these for your reading pleasure as they come up. Rock upon.

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