Bumberbout Pool Results


Results are in for the two pools at the Bumberbout Invitational taking place this very moment at Bumbershoot in Seattle. Here are the scores:

Pool One:
Boston 13 vs. Texas 56
Madison 41 vs. Kansas City 28
Texas 37 vs. Madison 12
Boston 18 vs. Kansas City 42
Boston 8 vs. Madison 47
Texas 62 vs. Kansas City 16

Pool Two:
BAD Girls 29 vs. Minnesota 53
Carolina 27 vs. Rat City 64
Minnesota 55 vs. Carolina 35
BAD Girls 13 vs. Rat City 68
BAD Girls 24 vs. Carolina 30
Minnesota 24 vs. Rat City 46

This sets up the hometown team against the Dust Devil champs in the bout for first place. Fighting for third will be two teams that just played each other, in the rain, a week ago.

Championship Bout:
Texas vs. Rat City

Third Place Bout:
Madison vs. Minnesota

Scores coming as soon as we get them!

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