British Championships – Regional Division West joint statement

The following joint statement has been published by all league’s in the Women’s Regional West Division of the British Roller Derby Championships:

    British Roller Derby Championship Women’s teams confirm bout sanctioning status in Regional West Division

In 2015, roller derby in the United Kingdom is changing. With the founding of the British Roller Derby Championships, Europe’s Largest Interleague Tournament, we see teams from across the nation compete in a promotion/relegation league format. With great women’s teams participating across four tiers, every game is important. Because of this the teams of Women’s Regional Tier West Division; Belfast Roller Derby, Birmingham Blitz Dames, Dolly Rockit Rollers, Hereford Roller Girls, Nottingham Roller Girls and Swansea City Roller Derby, are proud to announce that all games within our division will be UKRDA and WFTDA sanctioned where eligible.
As leagues we are all honoured to be in the inaugural British Roller Derby Championships and want to further develop the competitive spirit in roller derby in the United Kingdom. We hope to see you all track side at each game day for Women’s Regional West in 2015.

Women’s Regional West Division Match Details
Further information can be provided by the host league
Visit for updated information.

Game Day 1 – 1st February 2015
Host: Hereford Roller Girls
Game Day 2 – 1st March 2015
Host: Swansea City Roller Girls
Game Day 3 – 29th March 2015
Host: Nottingham Roller Girls
Game Day 4 – 16th May 2015
Host: Belfast Roller Derby
Game Day 5 – 27th June 2015
Host: Dolly Rockit Rollers
Game Day 6 – 18th July 2015
Host: Birmingham Blitz Dames
Game Day 7 – 15th or 16th August
Host: TBC.

Women’s Regional West Division Leagues are:
Belfast Roller Derby
Birmingham Blitz Dames
Dolly Rockit Rollers
Hereford Roller Girls
Nottingham Roller Derby
Swansea City Roller Derby

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