Brewcity Lines Up Brewhaha 2014


We’ve known the teams going to Brew HaHa for a while now, but not how the match-ups would pan out. Today, the Brewcity Bruisers cleared that up for us. They’ve got WFTDA action from up and down the top 100, a mixed bag of MRDA action, the usual array of B-teams and alt squads hitting the track–and one MRDA vs WFTDA game in Windy City vs Cincinnati Battering Rams.

Minnesota, Naptown and Arch Rival have a mini triangular series over the weekend, while Ohio and Windy will face off in the other bout of interest to the business end of Division 1. The surging Madison and sliding Cinci are also going to meeting on the track, with the former also facing Ohio. Cinci’s second game is against D2 playoff hopefuls Paper Valley.

Also of interest for the D1 picture will be Arizona’s games against St Chux and Burning River. St Chux are making a charge from lower down the ranks to stake a place at WFTDA’s top table this year, while Atomatrix’ presence has re-energised an Arizona team that dropped off a ranking cliff after 2012′s transfergate saga.

Current signs suggest that Windy vs Battering Rams should be very close; they had very similar results against the GateKeepers earlier this year, and the match-up should make for some entertaining derby.

Full Match-ups:


Arch Rival v Minnesota & Naptown
Minnesota v Arch Rival & Naptown
Naptown v Arch Rival & Minnesota
Madison v Cincinnati & Ohio
Arizona v St Chux & Burning River
Burning River v Arizona & Northstar
Brewcity v Fargo & NEO & St Chux
Cincinnati v Madison & Paper Valley
Fargo v Grand Raggidy & Brewcity
Grand Raggidy v Fargo & NEO
NEO v Brewcity & Grand Raggidy
North Star v Old Capital City & Burning River
Ohio v Windy City & Madison
Old Capital City v Paper Valley & North Star
Paper Valley v Old Capital City & Cincinnati
St Chux v Brewcity & Arizona
Windy City v Cincinnati Battering Rams (MRDA) & Ohio


Blitzdkrieg v Chicago Bruise Brothers & Dallas Deception & Twin City Terrors
Chicago Bruise Brothers v BlitzdKrieg & Rock City
Cincinnati Battering Rams v Twin City Terrors & Windy City (WFTDA)
Dallas Deception v BlitzdKrieg & Puget Sound
Puget Sound v Rock City & Dallas Deception
Rock City v Puget Sound & Chicago Bruise Brothers
Twin City Terrors v Cincinnati Battering Rams & BlitzdKrieg

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