BrewHaHa Odyssey: Weekly Rollup, May 28, 2014


The relative calm of the Memorial Day weekend saw only three bouts of note, and only one of which is likely to have a serious impact on playoff qualification: WFTDA #65 Chicago Outfit’s 257-96 win over WFTDA #53 Bleeding Heartland.

That win makes it four on the spin for The Outfit, having broken out of their 7-game losing streak at Spring Roll in some style. That run had made their 2014 playoff qualification look very doubtful as they tumbled down the rankings, but those four wins look to have secured a place in Division 2 playoffs for The Syndicate.


This weekend we have one tournament and one multi-bout (multi-game?) event to consider in WFTDA play in Gent’s 2014: A Skate Odyssey and Brewcity’s BrewHaHa. BrewHaHa will be the last hurrah for playoff qualification for several teams, with results there going a very long way to settling the D2 playoff places.

Want to know which games are on when, and where to watch them? Head on over to the Live page, where we have every game from both tournaments listed. If you’re logged in, they will even automatically convert to your local timezone.

Midwest BrewHaHa

The bouts to watch here for playoff qualification are Brewcity (#62) vs NEO (#57), St Chux (#44) vs Arizona (#54), NEO vs Grand Raggidy (#60), and Brewcity vs St Chux. Fans of Berlin in particular should be keeping a close eye on these; NEO’s games in particular will be of interest. The Akron team’s current form is some way behind their current WFTDA ranking, and Bear City will be hoping that form continues through the weekend and keeps them out of the top 60.

Due to current placements and this season’s ranking changes Brewcity and NEO find themselves in an unsavoury situation: a close game between them would see both teams’ rankings rise and effectively secure playoff qualification for them both, while a big win for either would damage the other’s hopes while not significantly advancing their own any more than a narrow win would.

Arizona will be looking for two big wins if they want to sneak into the bottom of Division 1 where they would likely take on the role of Bottom Seed No-One Wants as their annualised WFTDA ranking is lagging significantly behind their current form.

The top-of-D1 games at BrewHaHa will likely not have a hugely significant impact on the placement of the teams competing. All of Ohio (#20), Arch Rival (#21), Naptown (#13), Minnesota (#10) and Windy City (#9) are going to Division 1 playoffs, and all have a good number of games in the system for the year, making significant movement for any off the back of this weekend’s games unlikely. The most significant possibility is the fight for the last of the tournament top-two-seed spots that both Windy and Minnesota are involved in.

A couple of big wins for MNRG this weekend will help their cause as they look to scramble for a top-eight placement come July 1 and a #2 playoff seeding that would make a path back to Champs in Nashville that much easier.

Other than Ohio, Windy’s only other game this weekend is against the MRDA’s currently unranked Cincinnati Battering Rams. Both teams have faced the St Louis GateKeepers this season and been beaten by similarly heavy margins, so expect a tight contest.

The Mad Rollin’ Dolls should qualify for D1 playoffs; they would need a highly improbable utter meltdown against a freefalling Cincinnati team on Sunday to make that doubtful.

Want to know a bit more about the skaters who will be on track this weekend? Head on over to the Brewcity Bruisers site for some Q&As.

This event seems very likely to be streamed. “We’re working out the details on this and they’ll be posted when we have them finalized,” says the organisers; we suggest you keep an eye on the BrewHaHa Facebook event for the latest info. We’ll do the same and try to keep you posted.

2013: A Skate Odyssey

Gent’s 2014: A Skate Odyssey provides the other tournament of note for the weekend, and you can watch it right here on DNN.

It mostly comprises European WFTDA teams who are not travelling stateside this year but may well make the jump across the pond next year. Nidaros (WFTDA Unranked, FTS Europe 53) are the only exception, as they are freshly returned from a 2-3 jaunt in Colorado at Mayday Mayhem.

The event will provide both useful tournament experience for the teams and a great opportunity for those who might find themselves playing them next year to see them in action. That having been said, a few of the teams here have at least one European tournament under their belts already. The hosting Gent Go Go Roller Girls (WFTDA #167, FTSE 14) have the most experience of this sort of tournament set-up having been at both Track Queens in Berlin in 2012 and SKOD in 2013, as were Leeds Roller Dolls (WFTDA #161, FTSE 20).

Top seeds Central City Roller Girls (WFTDA #135, FTSE 13) were at Track Queens – where they placed last – while Oldham’s Rainy City Rollergirls (WFTDA U, FTSE 18) were at SKOD last year, and placed ninth. Other full members competing include Paris (WFTDA #175, FTSE 16) , London Rockin Rollers (WFTDA U, FTSE 27), Oslo (WFTDA U, FTSE 66) and Copenhagen (WFTDA U, FTSE 29). Finally, we have Flat Track Stats putative tournament favourites and WFTDA apprentices Kallio Rolling Rainbow (FTSE 11).

The tournament is following the traditional 10-team placement playoff format, and runs from Friday morning to Sunday evening–and will be streamed here on DNN courtesy of the Gent Go Go Roller Girls.

Jo’burg introduces The Fellowship of the Schwing.

Other News

WFTDA #38 SoCal Derby has absorbed South Coast Roller Derby. The Laguna Hills team is “an hour away by carpool lane on Southern California freeways”, and will officially be part of the SoCal organisation as of June 1.

Both organisations’ members voted on a trial merger in January, as South Coast “looked to SoCal for experienced coaching and more depth of experience on their board,” while SoCal “looked to South Coast for a deeper bench of upcoming skaters.” This also means that SoCal – formerly a single-team league – now incorporates the former South Coast intraleague teams, and South Coast’s travel team the South Coast Lagunatics is reincorporated as a B-team in the new SoCal organisation.

This will not impact SoCal’s tournament eligibility.

And Finally

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