Breakfast With Champions for Three Young Derby Fans


For some skaters, meeting Gotham Girls Roller Derby first thing in the morning is their idea of a nightmare, but when three members of the WFTDA #1 team showed up in Dayton, Ohio for breakfast, it was a dream come true for three adorable derby fans.

Breakfast food Toaster Strudel is currently running a competition called “Morning Movers”, calling fans to talk about what gets them moving in the morning. For one winning family, an early morning visit from Davey Blockit, Violet Knockout and Bonnie Thunders got three derby-loving kids out of bed and into their first pairs of derby skates.

After chomping down breakfast and popping on skates and gear, Gotham and the three kids had a skating and blocking lesson in the kitchen, not to mention the obligatory photo shoot.

Junior derby lovers and clucky adult skaters be warned – the photos taken contain unhealthy levels of cute.

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