Bout recap: The Fury dominated the Double Crossers to take first place

Written by: T. Wrecks

The second bout of the night featured the Double Crossers vs. The Fury, and Team Fury showed they meant business right away. Ska Face and Hat Trixxxie took consecutive leads, and despite SpartaKris being the lone blocker on the track at one point, Fury put 17 points on the board going into Jam 4, while the Double Crossers stayed at 0. Jam 5 found XX jammer Lucy Wreckardo and Fury jammer Mah-Ko both taking turns in the penalty box, resulting in Mah-Ko passing the star to Ska, who in turn got a grand slam. The Crossers do put some points up, and the score jumps to Fury- 30 vs. XX- 13. Trixxxie gets her own grand slam in Jam 7, bringing the score to 49 for the Fury, but in Jam 11, Ice Berg of the Double Crossers forces a cut on her, causing a 2 minute jam situation. An illegal star-pass occurs between Trixxxie and Ska, and after a power jam for XX Claire Lee Dangerous, the score is Fury- 61 to Crossers- 50 at the end of Jam 13. Enemy Lou Harris gets a grand slam over XX Sugar Rush, Ms. Dr. Joseph L. Simonis lands a nice apex jump while jamming, and the Fury strengthen their lead at the end of Jam 17 with a score of 104 vs. the Double Crossers’ 54. After an official review, a time out, and some fierce Fury blocking, the score is Fury- 124 to XX- 64 leading into the half.

The Fury maintain their lead in the second half, despite some impressive jamming from Ms. Dr. Joseph L. Simonis and Claire Lee Dangerous. The end of Jam 8 brings the score to Fury- 137 vs. XX- 76. Jam 10 finds Jule B. Sorry jamming for the Fury, but picking up a penalty and heading to the box. Simonis takes the opportunity to get a grand slam, bringing the score for the XX to 91. Jam 13 faces Hat Trixxxie vs. Simonis on the jam line, but with a signature apex jump from Trixxxie, the Fury ups their lead to 145, while the Crossers stay at 91. spartakris_TFFY

Jam 15 puts Ska Face in a power jam situation, which gives the Fury an even heftier lead after she scores a huge 30 point jam, bringing the Fury score to 177, while the XX’s stay stuck at 91. After some killer blocking from Flo Rider in Jam 16, an illegal star-pass by the Crossers in Jam 18, and Ska Face taking lead again in Jam 22, the score reflects Fury- 224 vs. Double Crossers- 108. Double Crosser Ice Berg jams against Hat Trixxxie in Jam 25, and Berg gets some trouble from blocker SpartaKris while Trixxxie racks up the points, bringing the Fury’s score to 251. XX Reina Chaos picks up lead in the final jam of the bout, but it isn’t enough, with the final score landing at Team Fury- 251 to Double Crossers- 121. SpartaKris (pictured right) is named the Player of the Game, and gave a heartfelt acceptance speech, highlighting the importance of family, and how everyone “pulled their weight” during the bout.

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