Bout recap: Rocky Mountain 89, Dallas Derby Devils 73


On Saturday, November 17th The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls traveled to Grand Prairie, Texas to take on the Dallas Derby Devils. These two teams were closely ranked in the current quarterly WFTDA rankings, with RMRG sitting at 19, while Dallas clocked in at 23. The last interleague challenge for the Dallas squad was an away loss to the Texas Rollergirls’ Hell Marys 92 to 50, while the RMRG Fight Club won big on the road against the Mad Rollin Dolls 131 to 98.

Defense was the name of the game, as both teams came off the benches swinging heavy. The biggest point differential in the half was early in the first period, where RMRG Fight Club took a mere 7-point lead at 12-5. The DDD All Stars would end the first 30 minutes on a high note, with a 1-point lead over RMRG, 38 to 37. A true barn-burner for the crowd, no doubt!

The second period saw some adjustments in defense to account for the dreaded effects of accrued penalties. The sin bin saw heavy traffic for both sides of this interleague challenge; rarely did either team have its full complement of blockers to work at full tilt. With the score tied at 41 at 26:30 in the second half, Dallas jammer Hot for Teacher was sent to the penalty box which allowed Rocky Mountain’s She Who Cannot Be Named to score 3 crucial grand slams, putting the RMRG into a strong lead over the DDD at 56-41. DDD did narrow the lead to 67-64 but were plagued with penalties, allowing the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls to be victorious: final score RMRG 89, DDD 73. Top jammers for Rocky Mountain were speedster Frida Beater with 47 pts, and She Who Cannot Be Named with 29. For Dallas, Anita Riot led her squad with 27 points, while Hot for Teacher contributed 18.

Both squads will be back in action soon, as Rocky Mountain Rollergirls 5280 Fight Club takes on Gotham Girls Roller Derby in Denver on December 1, while the Dallas Derby Devils’ All Stars take on the the #3 Texas Rollergirls’ Texecutioners Dec 8.

In the other match of the doubleheader, an ad-hoc Oklahoma Roller Derby Girls squad comprised of members of the Green Country Rollergirls of Tulsa and the Tornado Alley Rollergirls of Oklahoma City rolled to a 78-25 victory over Dallas’ newest home team, the Death Row Rumblers. The top scoring jammers for OKRD were Anomille with 40 and Short Circuit with 16, while the Death Row Rumblers were led by Strawberry Deathcake with 14 and Holy Tara with 6.

Additional reporting: Moose Ondaluce, Anne Shank

MORE COVERAGE: DNN contributor Moose Ondaluce covers the bout via podcast, interviewing RMRG’s Frieda Beater (who isn’t too shy about expressing her opinion of the reffing in her bout!), RMRG’s She Who Cannot Be Named, Death Row Rumblers’ coach Mother Goose, Death Row Rumblers’ star jammer Strawberry Deathcake, and OKRG’s Anomille. Phil Arnold also recaps the bout over at Roller Derby Is Sport.

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