Bout recap: Charm City Intraleague: Junkyard Dolls 97, Mobtown Mods 46


In the second half of Charm City’s September doubleheader, the Junkyard Dolls picked up their second win of the season with their second win over the still winless Mobtown Mods, 97-46. While the Mods played a better first half than usual, they were finished off by depth problems in the second half, with the Junkyard Dolls able to field 10 different jammers throughout the bout and the Mods relying primarily on their star Duchess of Torque at the second line. The Mods came into the bout missing their field general, with captain / bench coach Road Rash Rivers unable to make the game, having given birth to her second child just six days earlier. However, the Mods also had a long-awaited debut from Holly Go Hardly, skating in her first CCRG bout after a number of unrelated injuries keeping her on the bench for nearly the entire season. Additionally, 2006 star Lady Quebeaum, quickly recovering from a broken leg suffered in March, was feeling solid enough to jam for the first time in 2007. On the opposing bench, Dolls captain Sizzle-Leen was still out, suffering from her own broken ankle.

Mods jammer Duchess of Torque attempts to get past Dolls blockers Coach Ballbricker and Cherrylicious. Photo credit: epmd_derby

The Dolls opened up the bout with a surprising platoon, sending out blocker Coach Ballbricker to jam against the Mods’ Duchess of Torque, and it worked out for the Dolls, with Dolls defenders Cherrylicious, Dolly Rocket and Shevil Knievel shutting down Torque long enough for Ballbricker to get through, claim lead, and get a grand slam point in the course of going 9-3 over Torque. After a tough scoreless jam between Killer Kitten and Roxy Toxic in which both jammers were sent sprawling during their opening pass, the Dolls’ leading scorer, Cherrylicious, put a damper on Lady Quebeaum’s first jam of the season, beating her out 8-4 and giving the Dolls a 17-7 advantage. For the majority of the remainder of the period, the teams traded small-margin wins, but on Jam 9 the Dolls got a big win when Shevil Knievel and Dolly Rocket worked together to force Mods jammer Duchess of Torque into committing her fourth minor. That left the floor open for Dolls jammer Killer Kitten to run up a 9-0 jam and give the Junkyard Dolls a 36-17 lead. On the second to last jam of the half, the Dolls defense stepped up strong with their jammer Scheisty McFeisty in the box, with Shevil Knievel, Hurtsula and Radar Love all separately taking out Roxy and keeping her on her opening lap for the full minute of Scheisty’s penalty in a jam that eventually ended 0-0. With Killer Kitten putting up a 3-0 jam over the ubiquitous Duchess of Torque on the half’s final jam, the Dolls were enjoying a 39-21 lead at the half.

The Mods opened up the second half with two jams that looked like they were about to get the red and black back into the bout. Duchess of Torque lapped Schiesty McFeisty to pick up a quick 5-0 (with some help from Lady Quebeaum twice sending Schiesty to the floor), and Roxy Toxic raced through to put down a 4-0 on Radar Love. That brought the Mods to within just 9 points at 39-30, but the Dolls were very quick to roll back the comeback and then some. Cherrylicious was able to run up a 10-0 jam over Lady Quebeaum on the subsequent jam, and after a razor-thin 4-3 victory for the Mods’ Duchess of Torque over Dirty Trixie, the Dolls’ newest weapon Dolly Rocket dropped another Dolls 10-0, this one on Ang Thrax, that put the score at Junkyard Dolls 62, Mobtown Mods 34 with about 12 minutes to go. While the Mods continued to battle — especially Duchess of Torque, who ended going to the jammer line in an amazing 12 out of 23 jams — that jam seemed to be the turning point for the Dolls, who continued to extend the lead on almost every remaining jam of the bout. On the bout’s last jam, it was all Cherrylicious, who put up the night’s most lopsided score by lapping Roxy Toxic three times on a 15-3 jam that put the final score at Junkyard Dolls 97, Mobtown Mods 46.

The Canadian of the Mobtown Mods prepares to make contact with the Dolls’ Dolly Rocket. Photo credit: epmd_derby

Cherrylicious impressively managed to lead all scoring even though she only jammed 3 times, picking up 33 points for an average-points-per-jam score of 11. She also outscored her opposing jammers by 26 points. Her teammate Killer Kitten was most effective at getting lead jammer status, getting it on 4 of 6 tries for 66%. Mods MVP Duchess of Torque led her Mods with 29 points on 12 jams, and jammed more times than all other Mods jammers combined. Dolly Rocket was named the MVP for the Dolls for an exemplary bout at both the pivot and jammer positions. The Dolls picked up 66 minors and 1 major, while the Mods were given 49 minors and 2 majors. The Dolls took lead jammer on 13 jams against 7 for the Mods; in 23 jams, there were 4 with no lead jammer.

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