Bout Recap: Hell’s Belles and The Fury victorious in home season opener

Friday, December 19th found all four of the Windy City Roller home teams under one roof to battle out the first match-up of the new home season! The first bout of the night featured last year’s Ivy King Cup champs, the Double Crossers, skating against the ever-fierce Hell’s Belles.

XX vs. HB: Jam one pitted XX Claire Lee Dangerous against Killjoy of the Belles, with Killjoy taking the lead. Claire attempted a star pass, but with a penalty-heavy first jam, both teams get points on the board (XX scoring 9, and HB grabbing 19). Pish Posh (formerly of Team Fury), had her debut jamming with the Belles against Ms. Dr. Joseph L. Simonis, and it proved a pretty even match. Tay Q. Down showed off her blocking skills against Lucy Wreckardo in Jam #4, and newly drafted XX Shake N Bake put five more points on the scoreboard during her debut as jammer in Jam #5. Jam #7 found Killjoy with a grand slam, barreling through the lines of XX defense. Zombea jammed next for the Belles, getting lead, but going to the box soon after for a track cut, leaving Claire with a XX power jam. Her blockers tried to open up the inside line, and after a battle, Claire managed to get through, but with Zombea out of the box, the Hell’s Belles jammer sneaks right past the line of XXers. Also jamming for the Double Crossers was Yom Kapow, who found herself in a power jam situation with a score of XX 37 to HB 58 in Jam #9. The XX blockers showed off their recycling skills, and IceBerg, Stella Sabotage, Josie, and Mya Bloody Valentine proved to be an effective wall against Killjoy. For the Belles, Jam #12 had a perfect string of blockers (Legal Tenderizer, Trouble Helix, Sybil Disobedience, and Christian Mangle) who pulled Lucy Wreckardo back a few feet, ending the jam with a score of XX 45 to HB 105. Tay Q, Down threw on the jammer star in Jam #15, and by halftime, the score was XX 69 to HB 174.

After the half, The Belles furthered their lead point by point in the first few jams, with Trouble Helix knocking out XX jammer Shake N Bake, and Killjoy getting a power jam fairly quickly. In Jam #9 of the second half, Lucy gets the lead for the XX, and gets a power jam situation when Pish Posh cuts the track. At the end of the 11th jam, the Belles have a healthy lead of 227 to the XX’s 99. Jams 13 and 14 find XXers Reina Chaos and Dani Get Your Guns on Zombea at the front of the pack, as well as Phoebe Fi Fo Fum and new skater Suga Smaxxx on Yom (forcing Yom to pass the star). Killjoy has a big jam in #16, and brings the score to HB 315 to XX 138. Jam #18 finds Wreckardo replacing Maulicious in the penalty box due to injury, and Heisenpurr and Speeding Rainbow make their blocking debuts. After a hard-hitting second half, the Hell's Belles come out the champs with a score of 356 to the Double Crossers’ 148.

Killjoy was named Lombard Roller Rink Player of the Game for the first bout, and was excited about how her team played, saying that "the Hell’s Belles were fired up tonight!"

Bout #2: Team Fury vs. Manic Attackers

The second bout of the night featured the ladies in orange, Team Fury, versus the team in blue, the Manic Attackers. The Fury sported green bandanas in honor of skater Enemy Lou Harris's former teammate from Burning River, Raging Blockaholic, who recently passed away.

Jam #1 began with KonichiWOW (in her last game ever with the Windy City Rollers) against Bork Bork Bork on the jam line. Bork took the lead, with K-Wow right behind, and called it off before either team could get any points on the board. Jam #4 found Hat Trixxxie jamming against Bork this time, and even though Trixxxie was second through the pack, she was still declared lead jammer. Beth Amphetamine laid a big hit on Trixxxie, forcing her to call it. The score was close at the end of the jam, with Manic Attackers at 10, and The Fury with 7. SpartaKris, Flo Rider, Lass Erator, and Jule B. Sorry formed a tough wall to break through against Mia Go Hamm (jamming for the Manics) in Jam #5, and Ska Face took the lead. After a successful apex jump by Hat Trixxxie in the 8th jam, Team Fury was in the lead with 25 points vs. the Manics' 14. In Jam #11, Enemy Lou Harris took the jam line, bringing the Fury’s score to 41. T.S. Helliot laid a massive outside hit on Mia Go Hamm in Jam #15, allowing Enemy to get lead once more. She called it off after putting 4 more points on the board. Manic blocker Funkadelic played good offense for jammer Bork Bork Bork in Jam #22, but both jammers received penalties and took turns in the box, which led to a star pass by the Manic Attackers. At the end of the jam, the score was Manics 42 to Fury 76, with the Manics down two blockers on the track. Beth Amphetamine and Daft Spunk held their own as the pack for the Manics, giving Enemy Lou Harris plenty of trouble jamming. By the time the whistle blew, the Fury had a full penalty box, and the Manics had upped their score to 57. As the first half came to a close, the score was a close one: Manic Attackers 66 and Team Fury 92.

After the half, both teams came out ready for battle. In the first jam, K-Wow successfully jumped the apex, while Sparty stayed glued on Mack Savage, who was jamming for the Manics. K-Wow managed to bring the score to 106 vs the Manics' 66. Jam #4 brought out Ska Face and Beth Amphetamine to take the jam line, Ska taking lead, but with Beth not far behind. Ska was forced to call it, and neither team scored any points. Team Fury started Jam #8 down two blockers due to penalties, but with a power jam for Ska Face (with the Manic’s Mia Go Hamm serving her time in the box). Shortly after Mia got released, Ska went to the box, and with the jam lasting a full two minutes, there was quite a bit of action. Funkadelic recycled Ska to the back of the pack, and the score was upped to Fury 128 and Manics 85. Jam #10 found both jammers utilizing the inside line to get through, while the next jam had plenty of jammer-on-jammer contact, knocking both skaters out of bounds. K-Wow forced Beth to cut the track in Jam #15, and Enemy got lead, bringing the score to 165-97 (in the Fury’s favor). Due to a grand slam by Trixxxie in the next jam, the Fury scores 27 points to the Manic’s 3. Jam #17 showed some fierce blocking by T.S., Sparty, Flo, and Poppy for the Fury, who give Beth trouble, but the Manic jammer is declared lead. Attempting to pass the star to a teammate, Amphetamine drops the helmet cover, and T.S. does a good job blocking the fallen star. Beth recovers it, and the jam ends with a score of Fury 194 to Manics 114. After a time-out called by the Fury, newcomer Kidney Lauper jammed for the Manic Attackers, securing lead. After passing the star, the jam lasted the full 2 minutes, and with 3:50 left to go in the bout, Fury brings their score to 210, while the Manics up their’s to 132. Jam #21 brought out newly drafted BB Cooper to block for the Fury, and the Manic Attackers got a power jam situation. Ska Face came out of the box and got lead jammer, despite taking hits from the Manics' Hudapest. After a grand slam, the Fury ends the bout with a score of 239-136. K-Wow was named the Lombard Player of the Game, and gave a heartfelt shout-out to her fellow Fury teammates. We wish K-Wow the best of luck in New York, and can’t wait to see you all again this weekend at the UIC Pavilion!

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