Bout Recap- Feb 18, 2017

2017 continues to blow us away with, first, some inter-league action for many of ARG’s newest skaters (and the dedicated veterans that guide them through) bouting against the Muscogee Roller Girls visiting from Columbus, GA. Next, on the double header to-do list, is a special school-yard style mash up game. This is the bout where derby blooms: Team “Roses are Red,” captained by Blaque Jac, versus Team “Violets are Blue,” captained by Baller Shot Caller. Both teams were composed of a mix of skaters from Atlanta’s B team, the Rumble B’s, and our A team, the Dirty South Derby Girls. Here to catch you up on all the fiery details is AbracaJabYa.

Game 1- ARG Jukes of Hazzard vs Muscogee Roller Girls

Photo by Chris Albright

Muscogee burst open the first bout: taking advantage of some Jukes penalties to start the game 12-9. Muscogee’s quick and crafty jammers held lead for several jams. The Jukes managed to turn that around after a 25-point jam changed lead to bring the score to 42-18. Jukes rotated new jammers in and each of them killed it, putting points on the board with nearly every jam. Jukes blockers were kept busy holding down Muscogee’s jammers, but managed to keep their lead into halftime, 107-69. In the second half, Muscogee continued to follow along steadily in points, with lots of hard-hitting jammers and offensive work that seemed to sweep the Jukes away. However, the Jukes’ defense stopped Muscogee from outpacing them, even in those jams where Muscogee started out strong. Both teams piled up points (and penalties!) throughout the second half, but in the end the Jukes took the win! The game ended 195 – 139, Jukes.

Game 1 MVPs:
Jukes: Midnight Smack, blocker, and 12 Gauge Rage, jammer
MRG: Rhythm & Bruise, blocker, and Crush, jammer

Game 2- Roses are Red vs Violets are Blue

Photo by Chris Albright

This once-a-year mash up pitted ARG’s best skaters against each other to produce a game that exploded from start to finish. Violets are Blue had the first lead, but put no points on the board. Next, a tricky apex jump gave the bout its first points: 14-0, Red. Strong work by blue blockers kept Red points down jam after jam and pulled a lead change, 29-23. Some smooth jamming changed the lead again, and solid, coordinated defense in the next jams made that lead even stronger, bringing the score to 70-46. Blue narrowed the gap just a bit before halftime, 70-54 Red.
In the second half, Red continued to chip away at a victory, working together with defense and fancy whips to bring up their score. That changed quickly, though, after a fiery jam put Blue in the lead, 90-83. It didn’t last long, though- one more jam and Red was back, leading 92-90. Red continued to burn- earning more points as the game heated up, until the penultimate jam ended with Red up 147-119. With only one jam left, it seemed like the game was over- but there was one major eruption left for team Blue, whose jammer puts 31 points on the board in an incredible series of leaps and slides through the Red pack. Blue had a real chance of winning- but Red put 5 points on the board and just kept the lead they’d worked so hard on. The game ended with a Red victory, 153-150.

Game 2 MVPs:
Violets are Blue: Queen Loseyateefa, blocker, and Slams McKenzie, jammer
Roses are Red: Maul E. Cule, blocker, and Instant Karma, jammer

Coming up this March is our next battle of home teams. First, The Toxic Shocks take on the Denim Demons, and then the Sake Tuyas tussle with the Apocalypstix. We can’t wait to see you there!

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