Bout Recap 6/22/13

This is the second time the Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg has come to De Pere to skate against the Smackers.  Last year, the Smackers started the rivalry with a win and the Blitzdkrieg wanted a win of their own.

smackers recap2 6-22-13The Blitzdkrieg took advantage of a short-handed Smackers teams as Nate Ostrye and D-Rek scored a 10 and 8 points off of an early power jam, giving them the lead of 26-6.  The Blitzdkrieg had total control of the first half as the Blitzdkrieg jammers earned lead jammer status on 25 of 30 jams.  The Smackers jammers, POW!der, PK Pantysnatcher and Shock Strap did not gave up as they all forced the Blitzdkrieg to call off the jams early and consistently scored points before the jam was called off. There were only five jams in the first half that the Blitzdkrieg had more than one scorning pass, but they kept a strong lead at the end of the half with a score of 135-44.

smackers recap1 6-22-13

After a little break, the Smackers were energized for the second half and earned shock-jamminglead jam early leaving the Blitzdkrieg scoreless, but the Blitzdkrieg was able to repeat what happened in the first half by consistently getting lead jammer status and the Blitzdkrieg blocking crew preventing the Smackers from making a second scoring pass during the whole game.  The rivalry is tied now as the Blitzdkrieg won 246-99.


MVPs for the game were POW!der (jammer), Ah-KILL-ees (blocker), Nate Ostrye (jammer) and Hi-Jack (blocker).


The Smackers next bouts are July 20th against the TC Terrors in St. Paul, and July 27th against the Big O Roller Bros in De Pere. Paper Valley’s Polka Dotties and Jedi Mind Chicks will be playing against the Mid State Sisters of Skate July 13th at the Cornerstone Ice Center.

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