Bout Recap 3-19-13

bout 1 3-9-13

Photo courtesy of Marty Fraley

The evening started with two new home teams for the Paper Valley Roller Girls (PVRG) mixed with all level of skaters.  The names of the new teams are the Jedi Mind Chicks and the Polka Dotties.  With this being the first time these two teams have played, no one knew what to expect from these two teams.

The night started well for the Polka Dotties as they scored 24 points in the first three jams and the Jedi Mind Chicks were stuck at 0.  The Polka Dotties kept a nice lead over the Jedi Mind Chicks for most of the first half at 44-22, but then for the last 8 jams the force was strong with the Jedi Mind

Photo courtesy of Marty Fraley

Photo courtesy of Marty Fraley

Chicks as Polka Dotties’ jammers Kat Von Dvious and S.P. Rocket ran into some foul trouble, which lead to some crucial power jams resulting in a 23 point jam by Blazin’ Britches, and two 15 point jams from Chop StickYa and Scully Crossbones.  After scoring 63 consecutive points, the Jedi Mind Chicks led at the end of the first half 85-44.

The second half of the bout started slow for both teams, but the Polka Dotties slowly closed the point margin gap as the Polka Dotties’ blockers used a force of their own against the Jedi Mind Chicks’ jammers. The Polka Dotties’ jammers scored a couple of 10 point jams and a big 20 point jam from Kat Von Dvious regaining the lead at 93-92.  Deviled Meg then scored a 9 point jam, giving the Jedi Mind Chicks the lead of 101-93.  After that Pissy Pistol scored a 15 point jam for the fourth lead change of the game.  After that there were polka dots all over the track as Kat Von Dvious scored another 25 point jam and Banana RamYa, a 24 point jam ending this exciting bout at Polka Dotties 175 to the Jedi Mind Chicks 123.

The second bout of the evening was a rematch of last year’s brother-sister rivalry between the PVRG All Stars and Green Bay Smackers. The PVRG All Stars beat the Smackers last year 160-80 and the Smackers wanted some with a vengeance as they did right away in the beginning of the bout.  The Smackers’ defense held PVRG scoreless for the first seven jams and PVRG’s Swiss Miss was ejected in the fifth jam of the game, which was a major loss for the All Stars.  Kat Von Dvious scored the first points for PVRG as the Smackers had a lead of 39-11.  The first half was a struggle for PVRG as they were sent to the penalty box 21 times compared to 8 times for the Smackers.  The Smackers’ jammers took advantage of the smaller packs as 5 Smackers’ jammers scored 10+ jams which helped the Smackers keep a commanding lead of 120-29 at the end of the first half.

The Jedi Mind Chicks and Polka Dotties

The Jedi Mind Chicks and Polka Dotties

bear blocking 3-9-13

Photo courtesy of Marty Fraley

The first half did not bring down the spirit of the PVRG All Stars as they quickly racked up a 9 point and 14 point jam from Kat Von Dvious and Scully Crossbones.  Smackers’ jammer, POW!der responded with a 16 point jam, but the Smackers’ jammers were running into some trouble from PVRG’s blocking as the Smackers were scoreless for the next 5 jams.  During those five jams PVRG put up some big points from Chop StickYa scoring 22 points, Banana Ramya scoring 9 points and Scully Crossbones scoring 10 points.

Within the last few jams of the bout, Smackers’ jammer, Shock Strap ran into some foul trouble; getting sent to the penalty box for three consecutive jams for illegal procedures and track cuts.  Taking advantage of those power jams, Scully Crossbones scored a 30 point jam

Photo courtesy of Marty Fraley

Photo courtesy of Marty Fraley

followed by a 25 point jam by Banana Ramya giving PVRG the lead for the first time in the bout with a score 176-163.  Shock Strap did not want to let his team down as he came out of the penalty box and scored a huge 25 point jam giving the lead back to the Smackers at 188-176.  With an 8 point differential, the bout was down to the last jam with Chop StickYa and POW!der at the jammer line.  Both jammers fought hard to get lead jammer and POW!der was sent to the penalty box for a multi-player block.  Chop StickYa was on a scoring rampage as she scored 14 points, but POW!der had enough time to get out of the penalty box and score 4 points leaving the Smackers victorious and a  final score of 192-190.



A picture from our half-time Harlem Shake video.  Haven't seen it click the below

A picture from our half-time Harlem Shake video. Haven’t seen it click the link below

Watch the Harlem Shake video here!

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