Bout Recap: (u) Dominion Derby Girls 102 vs. (25) Ohio Roller Girls 81


Written by Dale M. For Murder, Head Referee, Dominion and Hofosho, Bench Coach, Dominion

November saw the first home interleague bout for the Dominion Derby Girls since February. For the first time ever, Dominion hosted a nationally ranked WFTDA league, the #25 Ohio Roller Girls. The unranked Dominion team had last battled against #14 Boston Derby Dames and been upset 119-69, so this time they were out to prove themselves.

The first jam set the tone with top jammers, T. Rex Ya Face for Dominion and Pipi RipYourStockings for Ohio facing off. T.Rex was the first out of the pack but it was Pipi who was determined lead jammer. T. Rex got through to get 4 but Pipi was right behind her scoring 4 and calling off the jam. Although this bout pitted some amazing jammers against each other, T. Rex Ya Face, Sweet N. Lowdown, and Tsunami Tsue for Dominion and Foxy Force and Pipi RipYourStockings for Ohio, the bout was all about the blockers. Dominion did an amazing job of keeping the Ohio jammers in the pack but Ohio answered right back with some key hits, including an amazing hit at the beginning of the 5th jam, where Hell Camino sent Sweet N. Lowdown flying into the fans, helping Pipi to get lead jammer and score 4 unanswered points. The bout was extremely close until the middle of the first period, with Ohio leading 29 to 28. But the Dominion blockers stepped it up holding Ohio to 4 scoreless jams and holding them to only 8 points in the last 9 jams. The Dominion jammer also did their part, scoring 29 points in the same 9 jams. Going into halftime Dominion lead 57-37.

As the second period started Dominion found itself in trouble with their jammer, The Ruffian, starting the first jam in the penalty box. With this, Ohio’s Pipi RipYourStockings was able to score 4 points and Dirrty Girrl was able to score 5 points before The Ruffian was able to return and score any. But key blocking from Tsunami Tsue and Bam Bam McChaCha kept Ohio from closing the gap too much. Then with some big jams by Sweet N. Lowdown (9 points) and Tsunami Tsue (10 points), helped by some huge hits by Spontaneous Combustya and Grand Master Crash, DDG pulled back ahead. Even with a few big jams by Pipi and Foxy Force and big hits by Hell Camino and Scarlette Fury, Ohio could not catch back up and Dominion won their first bout against a ranked WFTDA team 102-81. Dominion would like to thank Ohio for an amazing bout. The next bout for Dominion is January 19th in Fabulous Las Vegas, NV against #17 Sin City Rollergirls. Dominion will be returning home February 17th to host the Steel City Derby Demons of Pittsburgh. Ohio will be traveling to Grand Rapids, MI on December 8th to take on #24 Grand Raggidy Rollergirls and will also play host to the Steel City Derby Demons on December 15th.

Game Standouts:

Sweet N. Lowdown, Dominion Derby Girls- 11 jams, 11 lead jammers, 41 points
Pipi RipYourStockings, Ohio Roller Girls- 13 jams, 5 lead jammers, 32 points

Spontaneous Combustya, Dominion Derby Girls, 5 blocker takeouts, 3 jammer takeouts, 8 assists
Hell Camino, Ohio Roller Girls, 5 blocker takeouts, 3 jammer takeouts, 6 assists

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