Bout Recap: (**13) CCRG Female Trouble 120, MTL La Racaille 76


MONTREAL, QUEBEC — Charm City’s troupe of irregulars, Female Trouble, took a lengthy trip for their debut full-length bout — they ventured across the Canadian border and into French Quebec for a battle with La Racaille, a home team from Montreal Roller Derby.

While La Racaille put up a consistent fight, it would be two big first-half jams from emerging CCRG star Bambi’s Revenge that gave the visitors a sizable advantage that La Racacille could never recover from, and the Baltimore girls enjoyed the upper hand for the entire bout on the way to a 120-76 victory.

This iteration of Female Trouble was truly a cross section of established league forces and up-and-coming talent. All-stars Holly Go Hardly and Cheeta Torpeda already had plenty of interleague experience, but four of the Trouble — Thumper Good, Shi Monsta, Mya Bloody Valentine and Essie Ecks — had never played a regulation public bout before, while three more (captain Rebel Yellow, Minnie Piledriver and Bambi’s Revenge) had debuted less than a month ago at the May 3rd CCRG home season opener. The roster was rounded out by second-year veterans Killer Kitten, Ali Kaida, Ang Thrax and Major Threat, along with original CCRG member Minerva Vavoom.

Female Trouble threw a big jam on the board right from the jump as Izzy Skellington jammed for La Racaille against Bambi’s Revenge for the Trouble. Izzy would get lead, but then find herself sent off to the penalty box, and the Trouble shifted quite effectively into all-offensive blocking, clearing the way for Bambi to rack up a 14-0 in what would end up being a full-length jam.

La Racaille’s ace jammer Iron Wench was able to get some of those points back with lead jam and a 8-3 over Killer Kitten to follow up, but the Trouble took lead jammer status on the next three jams and rolled up 20 more points to just 5 for La Racaille, leaving the home team at a 37-13 disadvantage early in the bout.

The Montreal girls went back to Iron Wench, who delivered in a big way with La Racaille’s most substantial win of the evening — a 14-0 over Minnie Piledriver, who had to go to the box during that jam. The score moved to 37-27 and the home crowd was clearly re-energized, but the Trouble didn’t allow La Racaille to gain any momentum, slowly gaining most of those points back as they went 12-0 over the next three jams.

Female Trouble suffered a significant loss with about 8 minutes to play in the half, when all-star Holly Go Hardly took a nasty fall early in a jam between Lyndsey Kicks and Rebel Yellow. She’d need help to get off the track, and did not skate for the remainder of the bout — the extent of her apparent knee re-injury is currently unknown.

At that point, Female Trouble had pushed their lead back to 21 points at 52-31, and Bambi’s Revenge delivered another huge jam with a 16-2 over Wrath Poutine that put the score at 68-33 and temporarily muted a vociferous crowd. A couple of jams later, the Trouble’s Ang Thrax, in her only jam of the night, provided another demoralizing jam for La Racaille as she managed to barely complete a grand-slam scoring lap over No Holds Bard in the 40 seconds of a truncated jam that ended the half, leaving Female Trouble in the driver’s seat at 77-39.

La Racaille would keep it closer in the second half, doing a much better job of keeping the Trouble from getting lopsided wins, but there was no comeback in the offing, especially with the Trouble absolutely dominating the lead jammer battle — from the half’s 4rd jam to the 14th, Female Trouble got lead on 10 of 11 jams.

With about 7 minutes to play in the bout, the Trouble’s put an exclamation point on the win, as Cheeta Torpeda, playing in the back of the pack, completely controlled La Racaille jammer K-Dawg, slowing her to a booty-block crawl before repeatedly sending her to the concrete. Meanwhile, Ali Kaida, jamming for the Trouble, made a few La Racille blockers fly at air with a couple of flashy dodges on her way to a 10-0 win that gave Female Trouble their biggest lead of the bout at 50 points, 117-67.

La Racacille was able to shave a few points off that margin in the concluding jams, but while Female Trouble only won the second half by 6 points overall, they had done more than enough damage in the first half to ascertain their 120-76 victory.

Female Trouble’s Bambi’s Revenge made the most of each of her trips to the jam line, putting up a startling 41 points in just 5 jams and outscoring her opposing jammers by 34 points. Iron Wench led the scoring for the home team, racking up 33 points on 5 jams and getting a +21 JPD.

Photo: Bubba Brown

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