Bout Preview: MRD vs. GMDD 4/26/14

Your bout preview: Maine Roller Derby vs Green Mountain Derby Dames Double Header
Following a string of big wins, Maine Roller Derby is gearing up to face some formidable opponents in our first double-header of the season this Saturday, April 26th. 
Maine Roller Derby’s All-Stars, The Port Authorities, haven’t officially bouted against Green Mountain’s A-team, Grade A Fancy. Both the PAs and Grade A Fancy are well known in New England and across the country as formidable opponents, and both teams recently took home wins against Connecticut RollerGirls’ Stepford Sabotage. Be on the lookout for recent MVP Susan Slamberg and captains TerminateHer and Nancy Nightmare from GMDD, who will no doubt be bringing their A game to the night’s second bout. Green Mountain Derby Dames are currently ranked #61 according to the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association, which will mean victory for #81 Maine Roller Derby would be a huge win for the Port Authorities’ hopes going into WFTDA playoff season. 
Before the A-teams face off, Maine Roller Derby’s Calamity Janes will take on the Black Ice Brawlers from Green Mountain Derby Dames. If there wasn’t a rivalry before, there could be after this weekend. The Calamity Janes have skated against the Black Ice Brawlers almost every year since 2010. After the Janes took the win against GMDD at the All 8 On The Floor tournament in 2012 and took home silver in the tournament in 2013, the Black Ice Brawlers will be arriving in Portland with something to prove. Both teams took home wins in 2014 against the Queen City Cherry Bombs of Manchester, NH. In addition to what will undoubtedly be some really good roller derby, I’m personally looking forward to a showdown between GMDD’s Savage Patch Kid and MRD’s Cabbage Smash Kid (my money’s on Cabs). 
Doors at 5:00pm, first whistle at 6:00pm. 
Portland Expo, 239 Park Ave, Portland ME for tickets and more info

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