Boulder County Tumbles Grand Raggidy, 244-172


KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–Playing for 9th and 10th place, 6 seed Boulder County opened the final day of D2 playoffs against 10 seed Grand Raggidy. Grand Raggidy put up a solid fight against Boulder, nearly overtaking them in the second half, but intense penalty trouble–as has been the case throughout the weekend–proved Grand Raggidy’s undoing. Boulder took the win 244 to 172 and secured 9th place overall in the tournament.

The first half was a story of penalty trouble for Grand Raggidy, though they still received fewer penalties in this half than they did in the first half of any game they had played previously in the weekend. With 22 penalties total, Grand Raggidy lost sight of their focused, aggressive defense and allowed Boulder to dominate the scoreboard. Boulder were no strangers to the penalty box with 15 total penalties in the first half–but 6 of these went to jammer/blocker Jenitellya, impeding their ability to score in many jams.

Both teams had generally loose defense compared to what we have seen in other games throughout the weekend. Packs were frequently spread out, and both teams relied more on big hits than wall defense. Boulder, capitalizing on Grand Raggidy’s penalty trouble, left the first half with a score of 118 to 76.

Grand Raggidy came into the second half looking calm, collected and focused on winning the game. They were able to establish dominance quickly, bringing the score to 122 to 101 with 22:45 left in the game. In the next jam, they closed the gap even more, bringing the score 122 to 115, the closest they came to overturning the game. With 19 minutes left to play, Boulder responded by tightening defense and generally increasing aggression.

At that point, Grand Raggidy seemed to lose the focus and control with which they’d opened the period and once again found themselves falling into the dreaded penalty cycle, opening the way for Boulder to continue to outscore them. Both teams lost key players to penalty trouble, with Boulder’s Jenitellya fouling out quite early and Grand Raggidy’s Garden Hoe fouling out about halfway through the second half.

Boulder came out on top after a series of alternating power jams, widening the point gap over the last 10 minutes of game play. While Grand Raggidy certainly put up a noble fight until the end, they left the track with 10th place, in line with their initial seed.

Boulder County Jammers Jams Lead Points Grand Raggidy Jammers Jams Lead Points
Short Stack (666) 14 7 120 Ultrafox (17) 14 8 69
Feist E. One (815) 11 4 60 LUCY MORALS (77) 15 6 58
Smashalotapus (151) 11 8 37 Xtreme Tac (35) 10 3 29
MissFortune Cookie (5) 11 6 27 Mona Vaydid (09) 7 3 12
        FREAKN C (25) 0 0 4

Full bout stats available from Rinxter.

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