Boston Massacre 112, Charm City Mobtown Maulers 110


Boston Massacre 112, Charm City Mobtown Maulers 110

In a memorable conclusion to their rookie season as a WFTDA league, Charm City’s 18th-ranked Mobtown Maulers came within a whisker of upsetting the 15th-ranked Boston Massacre, falling 112-110 in a thrilling back-and-forth bout that came down to the very last seconds.

Boston’s most recent game had been a February home loss to the Philly Liberty Belles, while Baltimore’s Maulers were playing on the road for their third bout in a row, their most recent bouts being a win against Grand Raggidy and a loss against Detroit at March’s East Coast Extravaganza. The Maulers were sporting a new member, with powerful blocker Mibbs Breakin’ Ribs making her debut as a Mauler to help fill the hole left when Lady Quebeaum suffered a broken leg just a week before the ECE. On the opposing bench, the Massacre was skating without Harlot Fevah and Pussy Venom.

As the bout started, the Maulers leapt out to a quick 11-4 lead after two full-length jams, but the Massacre’s Maura Buse and Wanda Whipya picked up lead jammer status on the following two jams, using it to help narrow the Maulers’ lead to four points. On the full-length Jam 5, Boston’s Sarah Doom put up an 8-4 jam over Betty Beatdown that tied the bout at 19-19 and let an increasingly vocal crowd know that they were in for a corker. The Maulers got their first lead jam on the following Jam 6, when Pistol Whip put up a 4-0 over Pina Collidah, and then proceeded to own the status for the rest of the period, taking lead jammer status on 6 of the following 7 jams. While the Boston girls managed to momentarily grab a one-point lead at 27-26 with about 5 minutes left, the Maulers won the last three jams of the period to go into the first intermission with a score of Maulers 40, Massacre 32.

The second period opened with the teams trading victories and the Maulers slightly increasing their lead to 10, but there was a huge momentum swing on the period’s third jam, when Maulers’ jammer Joy Collision picked up her fourth minor early in the jam and Boston jammer Sarah Doom took full advantage of that by putting up three 5-point laps, turning a 45-35 Baltimore lead into a 50-48 Boston lead in the course of 2 minutes. The Maulers seemed to be on the ropes a little after that 15-3 jam, and Boston pressed their advantage over the next four jams, threatening to blow the game open by outscoring the Baltimore girls 16-4 to move the score to Massacre 66, Maulers 52 with about 9 minutes to play in the second period. The Maulers stopped the bleeding momentarily on the following jam, when Joy Collision put up a 9-2 jam over Sarah Doom, but Boston’s Claire D. Way and Maura Buse erased that inroad on the next two jams, with Claire going 3-0 over Betty Beatdown and Maura dropping a 4-0 on Buzz Kill , putting the spread back at 14 at Massacre 75, Maulers 61 with just under four minutes left. The Maulers finished the period strong, though, with Pistol Whip getting 6 points to Sarah Doom’s 5 and Joy Collision collecting 7 to Maura Buse’s 4 to bring the second period’s closing score to Boston 84, Baltimore 74.

The second period had been mostly Boston (they outscored the Baltimore girls by 18 points), but the third period saw a truly tenacious comeback from the Maulers. After falling to their biggest deficit of the bout two jams into the period at 91-76, the Charm City ladies consistently scratched out small-margin victories that slowly but surely got them back in the game. Betty Beatdown put a 4-0 jam over Maura Buse, followed by a 6-3 jam for Joy Collision over Claire D. Way. Next, Pistol Whip got a 3-1 on Sarah Doom, and Joy Collision capped off the run with a 7-4 jam over Wanda Whipya, bringing the score to Boston 99, Baltimore 96 and stoking the crowd to a fever pitch with about seven minutes left to play. The Massacre’s Maura Buse then gave her team a tiny bit of daylight with a 6-3 jam over Buzz Kill that made it a 6 point lead for Boston, but it was only a momentary setback for Charm City’s charge. Pistol Whip eked out a 3-2 win over Sarah Doom, Joy Collision picked up a couple more with a 4-2 jam over Wanda Whipya, and then Baltimore’s Betty Beatdown finally put the Maulers back in the lead by the slimmest of margins, putting up a 4-0 jam over Maura Buse that brought the score to Baltimore 110, Boston 109 with just under two minutes to play.

If the crowd had been excited before, it was nearly delirious during the following timeout as the teams discussed their strategy for the last few moments. Sarah Doom lined up for the Massacre against Joy Collision for the Maulers, and Doom claimed lead jammer status while Joy got hung up in the pack. Doom was able to put up 3 points on her first scoring lap, drawing an explosive response from the hometown crowd, but she hit the floor hard before she could come around again and was forced to frantically call off the jam before Joy could pick up any points for the Maulers. But it still wasn’t quite over, with 36 seconds left on the clock and the game played under a regional rules variation in which the final jam continues to its natural conclusion, rather than ending with the period clock. With the score Massacre 112, Maulers 110, the Maulers had one last chance to come back again in a final jam featuring Maura Buse for Boston against Buzz Kill for Baltimore. Unfortunately for the underdogs, it was Maura who broke out of the pack clean first, and with no time left on the clock, called off the jam to seal the 2-point Boston victory, an intense contest that the spectators and participants will certainly be talking about for some time to come.

Leading scorers in the bout were Sarah Doom for the Massacre, who put up 45 points in 11 jams, and Joy Collision for the Maulers, with 42 points on 10 jams. While she wasn’t the Maulers’ point leader, Pistol Whip earned the MVP distinction she was given by the Boston girls at the afterparty by getting some remarkable numbers of her own, putting up the best jammer point differential by outscoring her opponents by an impressive 16 points. Pistol also had the most average points per jam with 4.4, and picked up lead jammer status on 5 of her 7 jams for a lead jammer percentage of 71%, bested only by teammate Betty Beatdown’s 75% (6 of 8 jams). For the Massacre, Sarah Doom led in average points per jam (4) and jammer point differential (+5) while Wanda Whipya picked up lead jammer status on 3 out of her 6 jams for a 50% lead jammer percentage, and Claire D. Way was named their MVP. As was befitting for such a close game, the teams nearly evenly split lead jam status overall, with Baltimore picking it up on 17 of 36 jams for a 47% team LJP and Boston getting it on 15 of 36 for a 41% team LJP. There were four jams with no lead jammer.

The Maulers close out their first year with a 4-4 record in regulation bouts: WFTDA wins over Grand Raggidy, Dominion and Long Island, a win against non-WFTDA Harrisburg, and losses to Carolina, Philly, Detroit and Boston. Their home intraleague season begins with a doubleheader on Sunday, April 29, with Speed Regime facing off against the Junkyard Dolls and the Night Terrors beginning their title defense with a battle against the Mobtown Mods. Next up for Boston is an intraleague bout on Saturday, May 5, with the Cosmonaughties going up against the Wicked Pissahs for the league championship.

Bout recap written by:
Justice Feelgood Marshall #1954 – America’s Referee
Head Ref, Charm City Roller Girls | Head Ref, Rollercon 2007

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