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As previously mentioned on these pages, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association held its 2nd annual meeting in Minneapolis, MN over this past Memorial Day weekend. Reports have been trickling in and we’ve finally gathered enough to bring you some good info (thanks to a few WFTDA members and the AZ Star). More is sure to come.

Leadjammer readers who are members of represented leagues have already heard the biggest news: the WFTDA has officially split the nation into divisions for inter-league play. Read on for more…

First, all WFTDA member leagues will be divided into three divisions based on experience. The first division will consist of leagues that have completed three official bouting seasons. This will be a small, elite group at first, but will grow by mid-2007. The second division will be leagues that have one-three years of experience, and division three will be home to all other members who have less than one full season finished.

On top of that, each of the divisions is to be divided into east and west.

Three major annual tournaments are in the works for 2007. No exact dates for these yet, but you can be sure I’ll post them asap. First, the cream will rise to the top at the Division One/Two West (in Tucson, AZ) and the Division One/Two East (location TBA). The top four teams from each of these will meet at the National Championship tournament in Austin, TX.

The other bit of news (confirmed here by Hydra, a WFTDA leader) is that the WFTDA expects to induct about 30 new leagues, doubling the Association’s size to about 60.

Stay tuned for more!

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