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In Eugene, OR, this weekend the Emerald City Rollergirls are hosting a multi-bout (or should that be multi-game?) event featuring teams from across the USA, as well as international interlopers in the form of Canada’s Terminal City, Scotland’s Auld Reekie and Japan’s Kokeshi.

Friday saw most of those teams in action. Rose City opened up the action in ridiculously emphatic fashion; Scald Eagle put up a 40-0 jam in the Wheels of Justice first sanctioned jam on the season. The most certainly showed that Rose City really mean business this year: the Wheels of Justice went on to win 407-50 win over a Kansas team rebuilding after the retirements of Case Closed and Track Rat. Rose went 2-0 on the day courtesy of a 252-199 win over a Philly team missing 2013 post-season stalwarts Holden Grudges and Shenita Stretcher. It looked for a while that the Wheels of Justice might be on for a much bigger win, but Brazilian Nut showed herself to be a valuable addition to the Liberty Belles’ jamming corps as several newer blockers stepped up and Rose City continued to be haunted by that all-too-familiar jammer-penalty spectre.

The final game of the day saw Texas comfortably see off an Oly team playing their first game against top-level WFTDA opposition since last summer 261-97. The game was marred by an expulsion for Oly, who were missing a host of players from their last WFTDA outings; we’re currently chasing the official roster for the game and will update later once we have it.

Exactly what this result means for both team’s relative position among the Championships-chasing WFTDA teams remains to be seen–although Oly were looking a long way from their best–but we’ll have a much better idea of that after Texas takes on Rose City at 7pm PDT today.

In other sanctioned action Tucson put up a 187-113 win over Silicon Valley that was pretty much in line with expectations given the rankings differentials before Humbolt beat Kokeshi 339-50 to leave the Japanese team with an 0-2 sanctioned stateside record. Tucson then went on to beat Humboldt 172-131 later in the day–this was closer than might have been predicted, given Humbolt found themselves comfortably below Silicon Valley in both FTS and WFTDA rankings at the start of Friday.

Emerald City’s 296-84 win over Pikes Peak was probably the day’s most surprising result; the teams were considered by many to be pretty closely matched before the tournament started. While an Emerald City win was not in itself an upset, the unexpected magnitude of it will move them up the rankings somewhat. Pike’s Peak did have a brighter spot later in the day, though–they upset Silicon Valley 185-174.

Treasure Valley vs Sac City was always going to be close, and so it was–but the Boise team edged out the ladies from Sacramento in the final reckoning 195-161–a result which increases the chances of both teams competing in D2 playoffs again in 2014.

Finally of note in sanctioned action was Arizona’s 333-174 win over Auld Reekie. This bout was better than expected by the various ranking systems for Auld Reekie, who looked to be holding things relatively close for much of the first period before the bout got away from them in the second. It also gave many people their first proper chance to see a rebuilding Arizona team that’s been on the rise since BrewHaha last year as they charge back to Division 1. The Tent City Terrors a well-organised unit with strength in depth, and undoubtedly boosted by the re-acquisition of Atomatrix.

Friday saw two MRDA bouts too–LA’s Drive By City played Deep Valley and Bridgetown Menace, losing 192-190 and 235-125 respectively. With Deep Balley currently #8 in the MRDA this could boost Drive By’s 2014 Champ’s hopes–but it’s too early to say for sure.

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