Featured Skater - Pilar Assault #96

Hello GDD fans!  Here we have another featured skater post for y'all.  This time we are featuring one of our Bad News Babes, Pilar Assault.  Come see her in action at our home bout this Saturday!

What league(s) are you/have you been affiliated with? GDD is my first & only.

How long have you been skating (derby)? Since October 2012.

List your notable derby injuries:  Lots of righteous bruises!

How did you select your derby name and number? My name combines an interest (Pilar is a Spanish first name) with a derby pun. My # is my home town.

How do you pay the bills, feed your derby addiction?  Design instruction for a university library.

Favorite food? Avocado

Any hidden talents off the track? Finding 4-leafed clovers

Any hobbies besides derby? webmistressing for my husband

Favorite book? Lather Rinse Repeat by David Tabak

Favorite song that gets you pumped for derby?
Gangnam Style (It works for anything, really.)

What celebrity should totally do derby? Danai Gurira (Michonne on The Walking Dead)

Do you have Tattoos? nope

What is something that most people don’t know, or would never guess about you? I'm bilingual in Spanish and know bits of 5+ other languages.

What was your previous athletic background, if any? 2 years as (soccer) goalie in high school.

Which skater inspires you most, and why? VeRAAAH C. Raptor, because she is tenacious.

Do you have any advice for skaters just starting out? Give it (at least) a month before you decide. 

Favorite Derby Gear? My helmet- it protects my squishy brains in style with Mr. Yuck, Lil Bub, and some custom flash.

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