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The first weekend of November I was at the 2015 WFTDA Championships in lovely St. Paul, Minnesota. Like most people, between bouts I made the rounds downstairs to catch up with friends, check out the vendors, and buy way more t-shirts than I needed. I also met the offspring of a roller derby legend. 

Julie Brandt-Glass, the former Team USA, Oly and Arizona skater, was there with the fam. Formerly known as Atomatrix, Julie –who has adopted the new name Motamatrix– was there with a booth for their new skate company, Mota Skates. I was pretty impressed how their new little one, only 3 months old at the time, was just so cool, hanging out at Champs.

So, I thought it only right to get an outside perspective from Babymatrix, about roller derby, skating in general, and the whole tournament experience… as told to me by Mom & Dad.

(Photo submitted by the ‘Matrix family.)


First of all… Calm down, people. I hear all you wound up “I’m never having kids” twenty- and thirty-somethings. Not into kids? Totally fine by me. It doesn’t make us any less cute.

Since you were gonna ask — No, my mom is NOT dyslexic.  Yes Mota Skates gets its name from Mom’s old derby nickname, Atom. Yes, it is “Atom” spelled backwards, but it’s not typo.

This year my parents, both champion skaters, formed a new venture called Mota Skates. I’m told the company and I were born right at the same time. Which makes us twins, I guess.

My first WFTDA Championship was fun. It was kinda loud —especially that Denver vs B.ay A.rea game (I was in bed during Victoria vs Gotham on Saturday night). Luckily I was downstairs most of the time, so noise-canceling baby headphones were required.

The Roy Wilkins is a great place to hold a derby event. The food was OK. Pizza, soft drinks, Snickers bars and cookies, meh. They did have beer. But, currently I’m on an all milk and formula diet.

People say that when I wake up from a nap I look like my mom when she’s jamming. I wouldn’t be surprised. We’re both a little intense. You be the judge.

Resting jammer faces: Baby and Momma. (photo on right by Tyler Shaw.).

I’m torn about whether to start skating on inlines or quads. When my mom played roller derby, obviously quads were her deal. I hear learning to plow stop is no picnic.

Before roller derby and my mom and dad won a bunch of medals on inline skates as speed skaters. Even now they both skate long distances every week, staying fit. Don’t ask me how long. I haven’t learned to count yet.

What can I say. Being a baby is cool. Daddy says that Babymatrix is “everyone’s derby crush”.  I think he’s right.


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