Belles improve to 3-0 with win over The Fury

The Hell's Belles may have beaten The Fury by 125 points Saturday, but the bout was a lot closer than the final score would indicate. With the 235-110 victory, the Belles move to 3-0 on the season and take sole possession of first place. The Fury moves to 2-1 and takes over the second spot.

DSC_4815Both teams came out of the gate swinging. In the first jam, Hat Trixxxie, jamming for The Fury, went to the box for a track cut. Almost immediately, Killjoy, jamming for the Hell's Belles, went to the box for a back block, releasing Hat Trixxxie. With no lead jammer, the jam went a full 2 minutes. Killjoy made it through the pack first, as Legal Tenderizer and Dawn Ting helped her out by knocking Hat Trixxxie around. When the jam ended, the Belles were on top 16-8.

A series of quick, low-scoring jams followed with The Fury eventually pulling to within four points after nine jams. In jam 10, Hat Trixxxie again took the line for The Fury against the Belles' Pish Posh. Hat Trixxxie quickly took lead jammer and made two quick scoring passes before calling off the jam. Fury blockers held Pish Posh to only one scoring pass and the jam ended with The Fury up 36-33.

The Belles quickly took the lead back in the next jam and with 15:23 left in the half, were back up by 15, with a score of 59-44. Defense ruled the next four jams, as the Hell's Belles held The Fury to only one point, while The Fury held the Belles to only six points. In jam 16, hard blocking by The Fury's Lass Erator and Flo Rider couldn't keep Pish Posh from getting lead jammer. The jam ended with the Hell's Belles up 65-45.


The Belles added to their lead in jam 17. Killjoy quickly took lead jammer, while huge blocks by Phoebe Fi Fo Fum and Dawn Ting kept Fury jammer Enemylou Harris from getting through.

When the half ended, the Hell's Belles were on top 111-67.

The beginning of the second half was a defensive battle. The Belles and Fury together only scored a total of 18 points over the course of the first nine jams. With 21:35 left in the bout, the Hell's Belles were up 120-76.

The Hell's Belles started to build their lead in jam 16. Fury jammer SpartaKris went to the penalty box for a back block, giving the Belles and jammer Pish Posh a power jam. Pish Posh took full advantage and when the jam ended, the Belles were up 151-80. The Hell's Belles got another power jam in jam 18 when Fury jammer Mah-Ko went to the box. The Belles' Killjoy seemed to enjoy being the only jammer on the track and the jam ended with the Hell's Belles up by 89, 176-87, with 11:05 left in the bout.


The rest of the bout was mostly low scoring jams and the bout ended with the Hell's Belles on top 235-110.

Killjoy took player of the game honors.


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