Bear City Claws Up WFTDA Rankings


Off the back of a strong performance at Gold Coast’s Beach Brawl, Bear City’s Berlin Bombshells posted a massive rankings rise this month to sneak briefly into WFTDA’s top 60 at #57 with a 52-place jump. The Fox Cityz Foxz rose massively too–but their 39-place jump was as much the result of one very poor game from 2013 ceasing to count as it was one strong game this month lifting them up to 153.

Stockholm also posted a big rise off the back of Beach Brawl–but as observed at the time, they won’t be threatening playoffs despite a near-upset of Houston and a close game with Steel City; they’re being penalised for games played against European teams earlier in the season, and so won’t be invited back stateside this year.

The other biggest jump among the likely 2014 playoff teams is The Chicago Outfit. They came out of the funk they have been in since late 2013 with some really important wins and jumped 20 places to 45, securing a 2014 playoff berth that was starting to look very unlikely before Spring Roll.

Philly’s 10-place jump to #12 comes off the back of a 263-140 win over Oly at The Big O and a 236-94 win over Steel City. It also helps the Liberty Belles that two low-scoring 2013 games aged out this month too–they lost the millstone that was a 260-94 loss to Gotham and a 190-182 win over Montreal this month, helping bolster their average. Terminal City actually jumped more in the month, but fell just short of the top-24 position that might ease their playoff path. However, Terminal might make that top-6 seeding yet; their biggest regular season loss of 2013 ages out this month, and they have two critical games against Boston and Montreal at ECDX with enough points on the table to be able to climb that little bit further.

Victorian’s 14-place rise to #10 is purely off the back of not playing any sanctioned games in 2014; all their games from last year’s US tour have aged out so they only have playoff games that came with bonus points in the system for now. That will change this month when they hit PAC Destruction in CA and ECDX in PA.

Kansas City are the biggest story among sliders in the top division–but they have arrested their fall just short of the bottom, thanks to games with two teams who are themselves slipping in 2014: a loss to Arch Rival, the closeness of which which stopped them slipping out of the top 40 this month, and a win over Wasatch that secures their place in the top 40 for playoffs despite a 1-7 record this year.

DC have briefly climbed out of the D2 playoff spots with a rise of 9 places to 37; but they look almost certain to slip right down again after a crushing loss to Charm City at the start of this month and another game against European opposition in the calendar before the cut-off when Cardiff’s dangerously under-ranked Tiger Bay Brawlers pay them a visit.

Sac City had sat in the top 40 for a while but slipped 15 places this month–the biggest loss among teams in contention for playoffs–and now find themselves at 54. With two wins aging out and only a game against the #108-ranked San Fernando Valley Like OMGs to go this year, their prospects of a return to D2 playoffs looks shaky at best.

Fully in the D2 picture, Brew City posted a notable 10-place jump up to #51 to secure their playoff berth–even once their games this month are taken into account they’ll stay safe. Arizona climb again with a 7-place jump to 47; they look set to climb even further before the playoff cut-off and look to be a very good bet for a Division 1 playoff spot courtesy of a 430-168 battering of Burning River at BrewHaha on June 1 that extended their winning run to 14 games and precisely a year–it started at BrewHaha last year on June 2, 2013.

In a similar situation are Bleeding Heartland; only 5 teams dropped more places than their 18 this month and at 71, they now look to be out of contention in 2014.

May also saw 9 new entries and 3 teams lose their ranking eligibility. New entries were mostly international: the highest was Bogotá’s Rock N Roller Queens at 121 off the back of Beach Brawl. Europe brought Rainy City Rollergirls (#139), Nidaros (#144), Oslo (#163), London Rockin’ Rollers (#175) and Copenhagen (#183). Japan also now has another ranked league as Kokeshi enter at #188 (one spot below Tokyo). The new entries are rounded out by Indiana’s Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls and Utah’s Happy Valley at #194 and #157 respectively.

Finally, the biggest falling league of the month was the Long Island Roller Rebels–but that 52-place drop to 149 was entirely down to two big wins from 2013 aging out; LIRR did not play this May, but do have three games scheduled for July.

You can see the full list of ranked leagues on the WFTDA rankings page, with details of all the movements, new entries and leagues dropping out.

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