Beach Brawl Saturday Roundup


Saturday in Fort Lauderdale had more than its share of ridiculously close games courtesy of a two-point win for Suburbia over Berlin, a three-point win for Houston over Stockholm and a six-point win for Gold Coast over DC.

Berlin and Stockholm certainly removed any lingering doubts about their mildly controversial group placements which went against the mathematical rankings and instead followed some common sense yesterday, even though they didn’t quite come away with wins.


WFTDA #123 Stockholm led for much of the bout against WFTDA #30 Houston, let it slip inside the final quarter only to come agonisingly close to a steal at the death: only points going up after the clocks had all expired for Houston’s boxed Freight Train saved the day for the Texans, who won 210-207.

Tampa also beat Steel City to leave the Florida team top of Group 1. The 226-143 scoreline was not indicative of much of the game; Tampa dominated for long stretches, only to be punished in the late stages and let what would have potentially been a big ranking boost turn into a much smaller one.

Records: Tampa 2-0 (+213) // Steel City 1-1 (-9) // Houston 1-1 (-71) // Stockholm 0-2 (-131)


Detroit established a stranglehold on this group in day two as they took another big step towards securing a D1 playoffs berth with a convincing 251-114 win over Fort Myers, while Nashville recovered from the horrorshow collapse against Fort Myers that spoiled their Friday to get a 233-212 win over Tri-City.

Records: Detroit 2-0 (+ 219) // Nashville 1-1 (+19) // Fort Myers 1-1 (-135) // Tri-City 0-2 (-103)


So far, three of the four games in this group have come down to the final jam, and been decided by six or fewer points.

WFTDA #55 Suburbia’s 199-197 win over WFTDA #135 Berlin ended in confusing fashion–Berlin held a 200-199 lead after the final jam, but their celebrations were cut short by a Suburbia review of the final jam’s scoring. This resulted in three points being docked from Berlin’s score after it emerged they had substituted a player into the penalty box mid-jam to replace their fouled-out jammer, and that ineligible player had been incorrectly awarded three points on her return from the box.

Tournament hosts and WFTDA #46 Gold Coast got the better of WFTDA #51 DC, 154-148 to take the lead in the group.

Records: Gold Coast 2-0 (+10) // DC 1-1 (+28) // Suburbia 1-1 (-2) // Berlin 0-2 (-36)


Unlike the other groups which have clear leaders going into the final day, Group 4 has two teams with perfect records: Both Blue Ridge and Dallas have posted big wins over Carolina and Windsor, and are yet to play each other.

Saturday saw Blue Ridge put up a convincing 394-107 win over Windsor while Dallas put up a 281-96 win over Carolina.

That sets things up perfectly for Sunday’s opening games: Blue Ridge and Dallas face off for the group win, while Carolina and Windsor will fight to avoid the wooden spoon and grab their first win.

Records: Blue Ridge 2-0 (+470) // Dallas 2-0 (+412) // Carolina 0-2 (-368) // Windsor 0-2 (-514)


2-0 Maine look set to seal this group today with a win over 0-2 Tallahassee. A 199-point win over Bogotá’s Rock N Roller Queens added to their 122-point win on day one to ensure they’re in pole position, and may well move up from their current WFTDA ranking of 81.

WFTDA #107 Lowcountry shook off their opening loss to Maine to move their points diff into positive territory with a 272-89 win over WFTDA #110 Tallahassee. The will face Bogotá to try and claim second in the group today.

Records: Maine 2-0 (+321) // Lowcountry 1-1 (+61) // Rock N Roller Queens 1-1 (-180) // Tallahassee 0-2 (-202)


Alamo City are in the box seat today for the win in Group 6 after securing the weekend’s biggest win so far: 431-82 over Mississippi. Lehigh Valley got their first win of the weekend on day two with a narrow 161-144 over Sioux Falls.

A win for Alamo over Sioux Falls would secure the group win–though a win by more than 66 points for Sioux Falls would mean they probably finished top of the heap, barring a particularly huge win for Lehigh over Mississippi that could put Lehigh on top.

Records Alamo City 2-0 (+386) // Sioux Falls 1-1 (+251) // Lehigh Valley 1-1 (-20) // Mississippi (-617)

Editor’s note: The ‘current’ rankings referenced in this article refer to the most recently published rankings, not team’s actual current ranking. The ranking point return for these bouts will be based on the teams’s actual May rankings, which are currently confidential but will probably be made public next week.

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