Bay Area Grounds Denver, 203-95


LOS ANGELES, CA–When last they met, at championships last year, Bay Area stretched out their lead in the first half to a point that Denver was unable to even out, despite making almost even points in the second half. In the end, the win firmly went to BAD, with 224-174, and an even fairly high-penalty game, with each at 37. This game was to go a little differently, with a more dramatic result – the game going to the Bay Area All-Stars, 203-95.

First jam in, and Bucsek jammed into the back of a heavy B.A.D. rear wall, but despite that, it was Nock Nock who was sent to the box on a forearm penalty, leaving Bucsek to a power jam and an unimpeded lead and 10 unreplied points.

That heavy rear walling was a repeat feature for the Bay Area All-Stars throughout the game, and none heavier and more engaged than when Captain Demanda Riot was on the track. And while Denver was repeatedly handsy with multiplayer potential, they managed to keep things relatively clean, keeping up a steady lead to head into the second quarter at 43-19.

It took another Bucsek / Nock Nock match-up to head the game in Bay Area’s direction, as Bucsek was boxed, and Nock Nock took full advantage of the resultant power jam to push the points back up to 34. Nock Nock and Bucsek were repeatedly line-up matched throughout the game, but it seemed to wind up in a penalty for one or the other every time.

Several jams later, and the penultimate one for the period, Chantilly Mace took the star on a powerjam start, and took it dramatically crouched several yards back from the jam line for a run-up to Denver’s wall that she then busted through again and again, firmly handing Bay Area the lead, and settling the rest of the game. Half-time score: BAD 75 – 63 Denver

After the break for the half, Denver started determinedly holding the rear of the jam line, looking like they had resolved to start this period off differently. Denver repeatedly took the extra effort to grab for rear at the jam line this half, but it didn’t guarantee them lead or points.

First jam back in, and Chantilly and Bucsek jammed directly into two spectacularly solid defensive lines, and each jammer tried, retried and pushed right up into the rear of the pack repeatedly. The pack went on to make a full lap around the track as solid pack, keeping the jammers contained without even a first pass.

Two ineffective star pass attempts from Denver as a counter to the solidity of Bay Area walls seem to show that they haven’t really taken home the recent rule modifications. And despite Bay Area taking this time to emphatically widen their lead, Denver waited till the first few seconds of the final quarter to take their first team time-out (and then the second and third in the final few minutes), with the score hovering at 136-80.

Denver came back to start the final quarter with some repeated hit-outs and recycling back of all players, while at this point the sheer formidable fitness and talent is starting to show, as players who might be thought to be fatigued seem to visibly renew focus.

The game ended as it was played – firmly in Bay Area’s control, as Nock Nock took an easy lead and cruised into the final turn, looking for instruction as the last seconds count off before calling the jam and the game. Final score to BAD All-Stars, 203-95.

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