Battle of the All-Stars States Tournament 2017

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Extended to four days this year, the Battle of the All-Stars States Tournament saw a new victor this year after Pennsylvania took 1st place every tournament prior. New York beat West Virginia, Michigan, and Texas before taking down the former champion 216-136 in the final game. Texas took on Virginia in a close 3rd place game, but the Texans prevailed, 184-178.

With many familiar faces from WFTDA tournaments skating alongside various other skaters from their respective states, 14 teams convened in Hatfield, Pennsylvania the weekend of February 16th-19th. We have a few quick notes on the 28 games that were played along with links to numerous photos from the event.

If you’re looking for archived video from the tournament, BOTAS has the first few games on their Facebook page, and Atomic Streaming is working on getting the rest up on their YouTube channel.

The tournament kicked off Thursday with two close games in the morning. Massachusetts and New Jersey went back and forth in the score with MA ending up on top by four points. Michigan was able to pull away a little bit in game two, winning 161-145. New York started their weekend dominance with a 361-54 victory over West Virginia before a Rhode Island/Connecticut hybrid had a valiant but unsuccessful inaugural appearance with a loss to Maryland 257-134.

Virginia cemented their win against Maine in the second half, 209-158 in the fifth game of the day. Following that was a solid performance by Ohio against Hawai’i, with the Ohioans taking the game 221-94. The last game of the day was the second time both North Carolina and West Virginia played that day, and it resulted in a neck and neck first half. West Virginia refocused on their defense in the second half, but North Carolina’s quick switching from offense to defense gave them their first win of the tournament 220-131.

Photo credit: Tyler Shaw.

Photo credit: Tyler Shaw.

Day two of Battle of the All-Stars started off with Texas taking on Massachusetts in a very physical and smart game. Texas’s defense and quick recycling held Massachusetts back 335-103. Michigan put up a tough fight against New York next, but game MVP Librawlian’s quick jukes helped lead NY to a 262-131 victory. Neighboring states Maryland and Virginia had an exciting match-up that came down to the very last jam. After a timeout and an 11-point jam by Virginia, they ended up winning by one point.

After the most energizing game of the day, Pennsylvania hit the track to take on Ohio in a very aggressive, controlled game, winning by almost 400 points. In Game 12, Rhode Island scored first, but jam by jam Maine first took the lead and expanded it, leading them to a 244-119 win. Ohio got double track time on Friday after their tough loss to PA and faced off with New Jersey next. Ohio played together and kept the score close this time, but New Jersey held the lead the entire game for a 148-120 victory. Wrapping up the day was Hawai’i and Massachusetts with the latter advancing 240-147.

Photo credit: Pablo Raw.

Photo credit: Pablo Raw.

Day three started with a consistent performance by Michigan, and with a late 24-point jam they won against Rhode Island, 278-75. Maryland started out strong after that, but West Virginia stayed hot on their tail in the first half. MD pulled away further in the second and knocked WV out of the bracket 207-170. North Carolina took their second win of the tournament beating New Jersey 250-66, also cutting the weekend short for NJ.

Game 18 had Maine advance against Massachusetts 285-167, which made it the end of the road for Mass. Following that was an exciting matchup between New York and Texas. The score went back and forth to start, but by halftime NY led 105-63. They continued to pull away and with Texas losing Jett due to an ejection for making avoidable contact with a referee, the Texans were facing an uphill battle in the second half. The final 238-105 victory for New York put them in the first place game while Texas fell to the losers bracket to fight their way for third.

The day finished out with victories for Pennysylvania, 299-112 over Virginia, and Michigan, 378-61 against Hawai’i. Virginia still had a chance to medal the next day, but Hawai’i was done for the weekend after three losses.

Maryland started out the final day with four grand slams giving them a quick 20-0 lead. Ohio proved they weren’t tired yet and continued to nab lead jammer status which helped them stay in the game. Maryland was more successful, however, and with a 160-109 win, they were only done with one out of their three games of the day. Michigan took on North Carolina next and after being down 30 points at the half, Michigan came back in the second to advance in the bracket 203-143. Maryland’s second game of the day was another victory, taking down Maine by 50 points in another exciting matchup.

Michigan returned to the track against Virginia, but twice wasn’t as nice and Virginia advanced, 245-133. Texas got to play back to back games on the final day, first taking on Maryland and winning 286-117. They faced Virginia next, and Texas struggled a bit in the first quarter of the game, possibly since VA got extra recovery time between games. Texas was within 25 points at the break, and then tied it up at 103 shortly into the second half. Virginia wasn’t going down without a fight, though, and the game stayed fast and exciting up until Texas’s 184-178 win, putting them in 3rd place.

The final game of the weekend was between reigning Champions, Pennsylvania, and New York, a familiar matchup in this tournament. New York took control of the game first, extending to a 68-26 lead before Pennsylvania went on a scoring run and closed the gap to 72-61. By the end of the first half, they clung to their lead but only by four points. They made a bit more space for themselves with a 24-point jam before a double power jam provided them with 18 more points. With 18 minutes left in the game, New York led 156-108. Pennsylvania’s penalty problems held them back, and New York became the first state other than PA to take 1st place with a final score of 216-136.

See all the scores and bracket from the weekend here.

Overall Tournament MVPs
Blocker: D.A.R.Y.L. – Team New York
Jammer: Freight Train – Team Texas

Kitty Klime Award was given to Lurz Lemon – Named after one of the co-founders of BOTAS who no longer skates. The award is given to the skater who works hard on and off the derby track.

Check out more photos of 2017 BOTAS from these photographers:

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